• Paul T Morrison & RD

    They replace the thermostat you have. If you have one you only need one. You can combine an AC and a heat thermostat into one Nest but usually better to have the AC stat upstairs where it gets hot and the heating one downstairs.

    For each zone, a thermostat, a Nest. But not for each room unless your furnace is zoned for each room which would be slightly nuts.

    Nests are awesome. Real life. Fire up the furnace on the drive home using your phone. If it does not show up then the storm knocked out the power. Also good to know.


  • The nests also talk to one another to help identify if there is someone in house (in view of the nests themselves) which is good to have it learn to correctly switch to “away mode”. And if you back the Nests up with the “protect” smoke dectectors they will all talk to one another and give warnings if there is someone in the building if the smoke detector goes off. 100$ rebate from National Grid helps too….and you end up saving $$$ from the transitions of “home” to “away”…very smart system…..


    • I guess the question I have is if the top of my house is split into two distinct zones, I’d need two for the floor and then another for the basement, right? $750 for thermostats is a tough pill to swallow but the technology seems so in my wheelhouse


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