Alicia Unleashed 34-Punk’d

alicia 2

Alicia Unleashed Episode 34 taped 7/12/16 with B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox


Homiecast sound effects, Bridget’s contact high, Stay-cation recap, What movie’s are new?, Step Brothers 2 spoiler, Blackburn Challenge (by the time this airs its over), Homiecast recap, Alicia Unleashed is Joey’s guilty pleasure, Bridget was crowned battle winner, Do we even have listeners?, Pokemon Go and dating, Back on the scene, No one reads, Anyone can find you on google, Moon Pie, Lying is bad, Alicia has people sign contracts, Alicia Punked Bridget, One bad seed, Wipe down your workout machines, Alicia does not listen to Bridget, Bridget has great legs, Social media is private, No regrets, Homiecast Spy and first woman on Homiecast




  • It totally is my guilty pleasure.
    I’m totally going to the movie Bridgette recommended .
    I never said you guys don’t have listeners. I said every time one of your episodes goes out, the next morning we lose subscribers. But we also pick up a few.
    4:30 AM start for AU for me this fine Sunday Morning


  • I completely agree with your summation about our grill nerd speak going too long.


  • The GloucesterCast and AU are on the same feed so if a GC or an AU gets posted for either of those podcasts there will be an email sent to people that subscribed to those.

    The HomieCast is on a separate feed. So someone would have to subscribe to that podcast to get that one.

    If someone already subscribes to GC they will get AU because we have Alicia use the settings to host AU on the GloucesterCast Feed so we don’t have to pay for hosting on another blog.


  • “You listen to old lady break up songs”.
    Great line out of Bridgettte


  • I agree about wiping the machines down. Question, are there signs posted reminding people to wipe down the machines?


  • “It took me a year and a half to get as popular as I am in the softball world”



  • You became “The Spy” because you “casually dropped by unannounced several weeks in a row. And it just so happens that TOBY just moments before you popped your head into our “guys night podcast” brought up the topic-

    I believe his words were-
    “Are we gonna talk about the elephant in the room ” which of course was the fact that Alicia was popping in a couple f times in a row on our guy night podcast and breaking the sanctity of our men being men male bonding time.

    No matter how cool a chick is, you understand that if you allow one of the spouses to show up for a guys night ritual then every other spouse ends up feeling that they should be able to, and then the balance of the old us completely turned on its head.


    • Alicia Unleashed

      Over Rated


    • I’m not a spouse, I have no affiliation, does that mean I get to play?!


      • My lord, you don’t get it. Can you not understand that once other women start showing up then every spouse would and should be able to legitimately ask, “We’ll why can’t I come? Alicia went, so why can’t I go? What, am I not cool enough?” And then men’s night is no longer men’s night.
        It doesn’t mean we don’t love Alicia. It just goes back to the analogy of a bunch of women having “book club” Where they meet at one of their friends houses and drink a ton of wine and do women stuff and then one if their spouses plops themselves down in the middle of the room. The women’s “book club” dynamic gets thrown on it’s ear.


  • “Beats three missiles at 0-dark 30.” :-O Interesting 🙂 Dave


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