Celebrating 62 Years in the USA Today

  Today March 23, 1954, I celebrate my arrival in Gloucester from Lajes do Pico Azores.

I thank my parents Anibal and Adelina for all their scarifies bringing our family to this great country.

Celebrated at the Azorean Restaurant with one of my favorite meals, Azorean Octopus.



  • What a cute little boy you were! Not that you’re not cute now.

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  • Hi, Manny, I remember that handsome little boy I looked up to growing up on Portuguee Hill! I remember your parents and your sister and brother. So many memories at 41 Friend! I actually visited Lajes do Pico last summer. It was an awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience. Just a beautiful place! Please keep your beautiful photographs coming. I look forward to them.
    Take care! Linda (Rose) Galvin

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  • Excellent picture indeed and you left one beautiful island and arrived at another keep up the smiles and photo’s 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Saw this too beautiful place and I had a friend that was stationed at Lajes Field on Terceira Island many moons ago he went that way and I came to the pacific..

    Paradise (Sao Miguel – Azores)


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