Alicia Unleashed Episode 17-Valentine’s Day

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Alicia Unleashed Episode 17 taped 2/13/2016 with KD, B- Side and Hostess Alicia Cox

Topics Include:

Nat King Cole “LOVE”, David Bowie quotes, Valentine’s Spirit, Valentine’s Day Origin, Alicia LOVES Valentine’s Day, Alicia’s PSA on Valentine’s Day, Whats your favorite Valentine’s Day without gifts?, Bridget loves to give just because gifts, Alicia best V-Day memory with Chris, Who is the male version of you?, Kyle is a Twin, What is your spirit animal?, 25 minutes in and No introductions, What happens when you google yourself?, Kyle’s exotic animal house, Kyle’s PSA, Valentine’s Day dates, If there is a hole it will grow, Storm Nick Jonas, Best Romantic Comedies, Serendipity, Hope Floats, My best friend’s wedding, Alicia has a romantic side, Alternative ending to Pretty in Pink, Need to watch alternate ending, whats your favorite romantic song?, What song is your Kryptonite?, Joey commented on Instagram, Kyle and Cold Play tickets, Happy Birthday Lily

One comment

  • Well Done and very direct! 🙂 Nat King Cole got some growling doggie must be chocolates? Gee I loved the topic and yes “music”, art, It was a good ending here for a very long week for me…Too many battles or too much on plate we all have been here!

    A little Glen Frey here to sign off from my post think we all can relate to this song in one way or another old Dave Too until I met my (Kim) 33 year now together, the years on the path of life lessons learned or ignored messages it’s called being human! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s day!

    THE ONE YOU LOVE – Glenn Frey (Lyrics)


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