Alicia Unleashed Episode 16-Straight Outta Labyrinth

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)

Alicia Unleashed Episode 16 Taped 1/28/2016 with Bside and Alicia Cox

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Topics include:

David Bowie, Labyrinth, Does Kyle hate me? Bridget traumatized by David Bowie, Reboot movie or Sequel, A stranger rented a movie, Straight outta Compton, Bridget Mom’s reaction, Homie Cast recap, Accent Porn, Finding out info on Facebook, Airing out personal life on Facebook, What would you want your super power to be?, New look Barbies, Do kids under 20 years old know Oprah, Oprah rant, Oprah is amazing, Do your kids know Oprah?, Pineapple!, Pregnant mothers who smoke, Reality, Controversial smoking issue, Pedestrians who don’t say thank you, Chris almost took Bridget out, dating sites and guys perspectives, Kindle books and Audibles, Ending at 53 minutes, Ending Sweet 16


One comment

  • For the record I don’t have an accent 😉
    You bitches better stop hatin on leggings or I’ll pull the plug on this show! Yogapants are a gift from god on my lady.

    Oprah is responsible for the ruination of Amercian society

    WTF are you talking about “It’s controversial- mother’s smoking while pregnant.”
    There’s no controversy. Who does that? Nobody does that do they? I think I’d shit myself if I saw someone pregnant smoking. No way that happens in this day and age.


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