Alicia Unleashed Episode 14-Can Harry be friends with Sally

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)


Alicia Unleashed Episode 14 taped 1/10/16 with B-side, KD and Host Alicia Cox


Topics Include:

Blaque Intro Song, Movie “Bring it on”, Powerball craze, What would you do if you won?, Yoga talk again, Joel teaches at Tree Top, Scanning picture “negatives”, Everyone needs a scanner, Memories should be cherished not destroyed, Netflix series “making a murderer”, Certain guys do not know how to act, Bully’s in middle school where are they now?, Can man and women be friends, When Harry met Sally, Generation X or Y, Hormones in the food, Kyle’s food rant, Have you changed how you eat?, How they treat cows, Do you know how they make Mayo?, “Egg Washing”, Ab’s are made in the kitchen, Who is Sean T?, 80-20, Homie Cast taping #5, Taping a podcast at a tattoo parlor, I rock the party that rocks the body.

One comment

  • I can relate to the tape and recording music playing DJ been their and one that…The hard thing would be to actually find cassette player :-O My first audio system in my car as a teen (Back in the day of course was an 8 track tape the warbling between tracks)

    🙂 Dave & Kim :-).

    Remember the classic Mark Twain saying: “Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.”


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