Alicia Unleashed Episode 10-Periscoping

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)

Alicia Unleashed Episode 10 Taped 11/9/2015 With Special Guests KD, B-Side and Host Alicia

Topics Include

Demi Lovato: Confident, Periscope at undisclosed location, Introduction to Periscope, Homiecast + Periscope never happened, Periscope went Viral, Periscope and hearts, 10th podcast!, Poppin bottles, Homiecast talking trash, Alicia gets sad, Squirrels, Homiecast podcast 10, Vagina talk set straight, Homiecast rant, Alicia lost her glasses, Songs of the week, Adele: Hello, Justin Bieber: Cover of Drake, Katrina’s Salmon and Caesar salad, Kyle don’t talk to strangers, Kyle doesn’t like to be touched, Bridget and Meme rant, Squirrel Meme rant continues, Squirrel, Swearing for puppies, Patriot 8-0, Edelman,  Garoppolo blood disorder please, Bridget follow deflate gate, Haterade, Parking assholery, Kyle’s issue with cyclist, Alicia has best text message, Squirrel, Alicia has a face for radio, Grocery manners, Personal space, Nicknames, Squirrel, Porta- Potty Peeper, Best and worst drunk moments, Alicia wants a snuggie, Listeners attention span, Teletubbie’s, Alicia loses it, We love Kyle’s mom, Puke and Rally, Keep going Alicia’s on a pee break, Who is Billy Bob, Counting Hearts, Nat King Cole: Smile



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