Alicia Unleashed Episode 8-We like to Cha-Cha

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)

Alicia Unleashed Episode 8 Taped 10/25/2015 With Special Guests KD, B-Side and Host Alicia Cox

Topics Include:

We like to Cha-Cha, Kyle’s allergic non-reaction, Concerts on a whim, Artist of the week, Cape Ann Big Band, Run Around, James Bay, Grace Potter, Kyle tracks witches, Bridget and rims, Alicia doesn’t like accents, Christian side hug, 26 letters in the alphabet, Swipe to the left or right, Piss and Vinegar, Hans solo season, Social anxiety, Reservation for one, Alicia’s epiphany, Do something for the first time you’ve never done, Do you eat your friends fries, Laurie Lufkin response, Talias response, Alicia is a germaphob, Can people take a “hint”, Netflix and No, Alicia doesn’t understand new age sex lingo, Homiecast VS. Alicia unleashed, War of the Roses, Can the internet break?, Cards against humanity, Who in Gloucester do you want to know more about, Joey 1.5, Cape Ann Community Cinema, City in Color, Mark Wahlberg

Champ and Hulk joined the Podcast!

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  • Tremendous lead in song. Love that! Christian Side-Hug!!!! nothing like a little UTI talk with your morning coffee,


  • Another entertaining podcast that made me laugh. You guys are good. Thank you. Young The Giant rang a bell and I remembered them doing a cover song that I liked better than the original. It’s an oldie that you would never expect them do. Did they happen to do this live in Portland? 🙂
    About 1 minute in


    • So they did not perform this song for us. There’s no other “artist” I hate more then R. Kelly (other than U2 that is) . So thank Jesus they didn’t . BUT I must say, they made this song a tad more enjoyable … Thanks for listening .


      • What! How did we not talk about your hate for R.Kelly (he believes he can fly).

        Joey so glad you like Cha-Cha! That was my Vacation theme song…

        Tell me I am not wrong about needing to go to the bathroom and can’t so you get all ancy!


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