Alicia Unleashed Episode 6 Taped 9/30/15 With Special Guests KD, B-Side and Host Alicia


Alicia Unleashed Episode 6 Taped 9/30/15 With Special Guests KD, B-Side and Host Alicia

Topics Include:

Alicia whispering sexy voice, what did you think about podcast 5, babysitting Talia, primary results and endorsements (just kidding joey) how long has Ruberti been at it, people do not read, humans have a second less attention span than a goldfish, FitBit tweeted back, Jet Blue tweeted back, love of Terra blue chips, stupid Facebook madness and other hoax, finding water on Mars, crazy ass mutha F%$#@, movie The Martian with Matt Damon, Kyle is a Sci-Fi nerd, humans are ruining the earth, Kyles “earth math?, do you buy generic brands, Bridget clarifies cheer-leading IS NOW a sport, Joel at Treetop Yoga, Kyle thought for second dating again, Joey read an article about on new age dating, Bridget is single too, women are more picky than guys these days, Kyle has specific “wants”, for the record Kyle and Bridget are not lesbians, dentistry theory, Bridget’s dating PSA, VS. Tinder, Kyle’s profile for and tinder, Alicia wants a good ole fashioned dating game, Is Joey on board, mirror selfies and push up bras, wrapping paper from Italy, bad internet pick up line, did we answer Joey’s questions, JJ Watt




  • The MIC was so far away! Love your whisper!


  • Entertaining podcast!… the three of you have good chemistry…not quite as good as podcast #3 but i don’t know if that one can ever be topped. The planets aligned on that one. I was wondering, when are we going to hear the rest of Kyle’s thoughts on pumpkin carving ,,,you stopped her short and left the listener’s hanging… She’s so cute… Oh, by the way, she’s not crazy… about this anyway 🙂 She was trying to put it into perspective to make it easier to understand its significance. Lets try again…The Earth is 4.6 billion years old. If you scaled that number down to 46 years, than humans have been here 4 hours, the industrial revolution began one minute ago, and in that time we’ve destroyed more than half the world’s forests. Keep up the good work girls.


  • 92%? Come on Kyle. Let go of the past! Swipe left. 🙂


  • Everyday is a lesson and none of us have the all the lessons down to fine art that’s why they call it life…Interesting conversations and life lessons don’t count out all us “older folks” some who have lived through decades of change…Many are more observant and know things I guess this songs says how life was growing up too not on the same level but damn the luck at times!

    Words of wisdom here with video let the music speak to it 🙂

    “A Little Bit Late” by Lewie Wickham

    🙂 Dave


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