Alicia Unleashed Episode 5 Taped 9/21/15 With Special Guests Talia and Tyler DeWolfe and Host Alicia Cox

aliciaunleashed-1-picsayAlicia Unleashed Episode 5 Taped 9/21/15 With Special Guests Talia and Tyler DeWolfe and Host Alicia Cox

Topics Include:

Happy Birthday to Auntie Crystal, Talia introduction, Waring School, Tyler Introduction, Eastern Point Day School, East Gloucester Elementary, If mom is sick whose in trouble, Allergies or cold happening this fall, pen or paper vs. technology in school, throw mom under the bus about using the phone, who uses phone more? mom or dad, bluetooth feature in the car to call BFFL Errika, for the record my mother in law does not swear,Tyler acknowledges swearing for puppies, Cape Ann Animal Aid, mom doesn’t swear on the regular, do your friends get disciplined, mom and dad are strict, parenting moment on air, first kids on GMG podcast, how should you talk to your parents, talia is 15 and wants to date, how long can you protect your kids, will you learn from your parents choices, is maturity nature or nurture, eat it whether you like it or not, old school mentality, new age parents, kids blame me because they love good food, every 7 years on the dot your pallet changes apparently, tyler is my child, tyler learning Magic at Geek and schools us, talia loves elephants and website ivory ella, are you a leader or follower, Cape Ann YMCA Teen Leaders, Rick Doucette, our favorite fall spot Russell’s Orchard, where do you want to work when your 14, choose a job you love you will never work a day in your life, youngest parents raising kids old school,  the word ironic, fast and furious 7, talia shares tylers embarrassing moments, Tyler rants, Cape Ann YMCA Sprindrift, mom had the plague, sign off with Friends theme

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  • Alicia Unleashed, Talia and Tyler DeWolfe (Thanks)!! Excellent really enjoyed this one it’s a family affair and left a smile on the face – as I can relate to these same things growing up at that way many moons ago! Thank you all for the mid-week boost rules will always be there and yes testing of the lines will happen mom and dad did it when they were your age too.

    When I told mom I was going to run away after I got made she said wait a minute Dave and I’ll make you a peanut butter sand which not even a Fluff N Nutter, many moons ago! The Fluffer-nutter sandwich is more than a beloved memory of childhood, it’s a local tradition. As an traditional food of New England, it goes right alongside the baked beans and clam chowder. :-O Dave & Kim 🙂

    P.S. Hope you feel better 🙂

    fluff N nutter commercial


  • This was great! It still breaks my heart that I use to babysit Talia and cannot believe that Tyler is a Leader! Some great questions there mom!


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