Alicia Unleashed Episode 4 :The Dream Team Episode With Guests Flora Mannone, Stephanie Mitchell-Thurston, Erin Davis-King, KD, John Sheehan and Host Alicia Cox


Alicia Unleashed Episode 4 :The Dream Team Episode With Guests Flora Mannone, Stephanie Mitchell-Thurston, Erin Davis-King, KD, John Sheehan and Host Alicia Cox

Topics Include:
My Dream Team:
Flora Mannone make-up artist, Stephanie Mitchell-Thurston massage therapist, Erin King nail tech, John Sheehan hair stylist
Meg at Styles on Main, Joey Arsenault at Envouge Salon, Rosalie at Adesso Hair and Day Spa

Disclaimer for language and content, What Joey says is God, Cape Ann Animal Aid Swear Jar, GMG is diverse, Setting the record straight, If you don’t like it don’t listen, John is the first gay male to appear on a GMG podcast, What age did John come out and when other people come out, Dolores: John’s mother, Why does Joey want to interview 2 lesbians?, Setting the record straight: Kyle is not a lesbian, Shout out to Sal, 14 listeners we are world wide, swearing for puppies, when working with public do you attract certain personalities, loving dogs, do you watch a podcast, new school math and writing cursive and the generation that can not, Entitlement babies, The 90’s and OJ Simpson, How Sicilians make Spidinis, Cape Ann olive oil company, Flora’s boyfriend in the Army called from Boot Camp, American-Samoan Men, 30th anniversary of golden girls debut,Tyler loves Betty White, Golden girls and their auto-biographies, John is more aware than he comes across, Singing to Golden Girls theme song


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  • Very interesting and lost of subjects touched on. The disclaimer did not sound like you or was that the DJ Voice?..I felt the blood pressure go up here for a small time about writing – I remember using the Big Chief writing paper in the (old lanes school house) now a playground with lines and had to keep the letters in the lines. I crossed the line a few times for sure 🙂 I remember the first computer I worked in the military 80’s was Z-100 big floppy drives, WordStar (C) – WordPerfect (C) yikes alive! don’t write on them with a Ball point pen like I did or gone felt tip only! John is pretty funny quick whit make a good comedian and makes you laugh! Every had a good time that what friends!

    Mid week here and got to admit had a few good laughs with you all! Now I know why the change jar sounds so loud ye mike which I love the old school looking table top.

    I rather do laughing time than heartbreak time like these reflectors:

    Hall & Oates – Heartbreak Time

    Time Won’t Pass Me By (1997) – Hall & Oates

    Dave 🙂 & Kim 🙂


    • Thanks Dave! I was channeling my inner DJ for that disclaimer 🙂
      I’m still trying out the sounds because I am SUPER loud in real life and everyone is so quiet.

      I annoy myself when it comes out waaayyyy to loud 🙂


      • So glad you acknowledge the “loud”. I had a difficult time listening to you first podcast. It seemed you were shouting ~ even after I turned down the volumn. Appreciate the disclaimer ~ However I still plan to listen to that third podcast soon. 😉


        • Thanks Mary! Unfortunately i’m technologically challenged and my computer microphone was also on! OY VEY! I’m working on it I promise 🙂


  • Ok…I MIGHT have said something Negative about Brady and Gronk….still not sorry. 🙂


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