Friends Of The Library

Dear Joey,

The Friends of the Library is having a membership drive.  It would be great if you could mention it, or let us brag a little about what we do for everyone that uses the library.  Basically we use the membership dues and the Annual Book Sale income to do a whole bunch of “extra” things with a focus on things that make it better for the patrons.  I’ve listed some below and would be glad to talk to you if you have any questions.  Any publicity that might bring us new members would be great.  I’ll attach our form here (it’s at the library too) but people can join online just by going to the library website and the HOW DO I/JOIN THE FRIENDS section.  Thanks. 
Carol Kelly
For the Board of the Friends
–Pain in the neck finding a space and paying at a meter just to drop a book off?  The Friends have bought (and it will finally be in place soon) a drop box which you can use from your car. 
–In a hurry and there’s a line at the desk?  The Friends are buying  self-checkout systems for both the Adult and Children’s Rooms. 
— No longer able to get to the library because of age or illness?  Outreach includes home delivery of books and weekly read-alouds and book groups in the nursing homes, staffed and supported by the Friends.
–Museums too expensive but you want to take your kids?  The Friends pay every year for lots of museum passes….the cost of ONE visit to a museum would equal the cost of membership for the year!

— And just because it’s nice….we supply munchies and drinks for the Corporators meeting and the December holiday celebration. 

— Scholarship for a Gloucester resident for whom the library has been important.

— Books too expensive?  The Annual Book Sales offers cheap books AND raises money so we can donate money for new purchases.

— And ….welcoming kits for the youngest library card holders, data input of  genealogy material — soon to be posted online, response to any program request from the staff and much, much more.

–Our new Director has already got exciting new ideas and she WANTS the Friends to be involved and needs their support.

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