Back To School: Then and Now

A great friend from High School shared this with me last night and it made me laugh.  As it is so timely (and funny) I thought it was totally worth sharing with you all.  As a child of the 70s and a harried mom of two young boys…plus a Montessori Elementary Teacher….I can SOOOO relate.

Many of my back to school memories from the 70s indeed include several of the things that are mentioned (god, I loved those thermoses)…and, between you and me, I see a bit of myself in the “today” routine also. 🙂

Back in the 70s and early 80s much of my back-to-school shopping was done at Hill’s in Ipswich and included a trip to Pennyworth’s across the street (was that the name?).

Some of my must-haves from waaaay back then you may ask?

Happy Back-to-School!



  • This is fantastic. And I have to admit, just the thought of a bologna and American cheese on Wonder Bread sandwich makes me queasy, Way too many of those as a kid.


  • As a school age child of the 60’s, remember wearing a uniform at St. Catherine’s in Somerville with knee socks and loafers and of course having your hair put in rags for curls.


  • Love this post WOW!! What a blast from the past! I to remember shopping at Hills, was the proud owner of the “Owl Calculator”, trapper keeper, and the belt with the interchangeable decorative buckles and lather straps…Did you have the big wedge leather “Bass” shoes and jelly bean rain jacket ? Too Funny !


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