Yes, that was the Roseway doing doughnuts in the outer harbor.


Roseway doing some doughnuts then exit stage right for a little practice.

A neat way to track some of the schooners coming to participate in the Schooner Festival this weekend. Go to MARINE TRAFFIC.COM and create a free account. Now you can make “My Fleet” and find some of the schooners. You can then see realtime where the schooner is. This only works for boats out there with AIS transponders so some have them, some don’t. If anyone comes up with a more inclusive way to follow the whole fleet before the Mayor’s Cup race post in the comments.


Amistad is departing New London and heading this way!


  • Awesome Awesome Awesome Post Mr Morrison!!!!!


  • That would be, not…just want to make sure that people go to the correct site. ..


    • Thanks Toby, I had the right link but typed it wrong. All fixed. I’ve been using that site for years since it emails me when my friend’s tugboats leave port anywhere from Maine to Texas. When they are going past Cape Ann I call them up and tell them I am waving at them.

      Fun Fact: I met Sally Grimes on the Atlantic Path just the other day over on the Headlands of Rockport and she told me that George was on the “Paul T Moran”. Since my name is Paul T Morrison I actually remembered it when I got home and punched it in. His tug had just passed my friend on the tug Lincoln Sea while entering the Mississippi River delta. (Both articulated pushers). Ships in the night and all.


  • Stage right? How the heck would anyone know, since the definition is dependent on the position of the actor facing the audience, and we don’t know where the audience is, in this case? And it really gets dicey with sailing, since tacking and jibing means a sort of stage right, stage left, stage right, stage left, etc. Or vice versa. Sorry to be tedious, but I got to thinking about the implications of using stage directions in combination with sailing. It leads to weird thoughts, such as tan lines that don’t make sense. (See recent The Onion post.) I think I have too much time on my hands.


  • I used this site a lot when I was editor of the Dutch Harbor Fisherman in Alaska, especially after the Japanese quake to see where the factory ships were off Fukushima. Too bad that not all boats have the gear to be tracked — might make the Coast Guard’s job easier.


  • under the picture it says the Amistad is heading this way. I thought the Amistad was not going to make it.


    • Just checked my fleet and the Amistad is tied up to Long Wharf in New Haven Connecticut. So it looks like it won’t make it. 😦


  • Thanks Paul – Got the grid and all well done! 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


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