Imagine if it was a coyote and it was in a cage at East Gloucester Elementary and…

one of the animal pacifists kept telling everyone how harmless the coyote was and then they went into the cage with the coyote and then the coyote lunged at the animal pacifist’s neck just like this supposedly tamed lion did. That would probably be the only more ironic scenario than the one shown in the video below.

Published on Aug 16, 2014

FULL VIDEO: Lion Attacks Teacher During a Circus, 16 August 2014 | Lion attacks teacher during circus performance as students watch in horror | RAW VIDEO

Schoolchildren on a day out at the circus were left horrified when their teacher entered the lion’s enclosure to prove the animal wasn’t aggressive – and was savagely attacked before their eyes.

and that my friends is why this guy ain’t going in no cage with any lions or tigers or bears. Oh My.

Any of you coyote lovers wanna try out this little demonstration for the kiddies? Probably be the best lesson on wildlife they’ll ever get.


  • Wild animals deserve to respected as wild animals and not like domesticated kittens. I believe we should just let them be what they are. Anyone who gets into a cage with a lion has issues, and by the way, why are lions in cages?

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  • That is some convoluted thinking you got there connecting this idiot to people who think you should leave coyotes alone. I would think the opposite. People who think you should leave the coyotes alone probably also think think you shouldn’t be caging wild animals.


    • What are they free range at wolf hollow?


      • In the past 20 years they did go free range last winter when they found a hole in the fence. But no, they are captive because they had nowhere else to go. The worst cases are the part wolf, part dog that owners could not take care of so they end up at Wolf Hollow. They have acres to run around in, form a natural pack, and are a decent educational stop for kids since they don’t feed the wolves any dumb teachers.


    • Prolly all gmo fed coyotes anyway.


      • If they eat your normal Purina fed cat then yes, that would be a GMO fed coyote. So make sure you feed your cat only organic free range chicken who were talked into giving up their life and the coywolves will be all natural!


    • I am having a hard time coming up with words that would respond to your comment nicely. The fact is I think your view is egocentric and archaic. Before man began thinking the earth was “created” just for him, humans and other living things on our planet co-existed just fine. It’s when humankind thinks they deserve more of their fair share of everything…land, resources, etc. that people start going against people and all living things. It’s greed, man, pure and simple.


  • None of this would be a problem of course if we would stop caging these wonderful animals! I just don’t understand why zoos, aquariums and circuses are okay with us humans! I would lash out too if someone tried to keep me in a cage. Most people don’t even question why we do this. Sad really.


  • Irony is an insult conveyed in the form of a compliment.
    Edwin P. Whipple


  • why do people have to be so crazy when it comes to protecting coyotes?? obviously this is meant tongue in cheek.

    that said, since the pot is already stirred :-), the pack of coyotes that live near o’maley school are alive and kicking and cray-cray! I truly hope someone comes up with a better plan than “let them be and do nothing”, before someone (human) is seriously hurt! they’ve already chased several people in that area…what happens when they eventually catch up to someone? just sayin’.

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    • Nice how Joey cherry picks comments to support his view therefore distort opinions. Dude is a fraud ego maniac


      • Not sure which comment I didn’t approve on this post that you are talking about, pretty sure they all went through.

        My feeling on the coyotes has somewhat shifted. About 5 years ago I felt as though something ought to be done about them to control their rapid population growth but as the years have gone and I haven’t read about anyone getting eaten by a coyote (reasoning is if a child did get mauled by a coyote I figure it would be the top story of the day for a while) since there hasn’t been any such stories and after listening to the documentaries where if you try to wipe them out they would just come back in greater numbers I’m leaning more to the we need to live around them but not make them feel comfortable in our yards where our children and our pets hang out.

        So I don’t know what opinion you think I may or may not have, the point of the post with the video was to demonstrate that we still need to have a healthy fear of these creatures and poke fun at the people I consider a little crazy who would go into a cage with a lion or jump into a shark tank.

        So there’s your answer Mr anonymous. and I only disallow comments that are straight up rude. Sometimes I don’t get to approving comments when I’m busy all day and comment moderation happens in bunches. So after looking at all the comments in the que for this particular post they’ve all been approved so I’m not sure what you’re talking about unless I just hadn’t gotten around to approving your particular comment til just now.

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  • Respect is and always has been a to-ways street – animals smell and senses pick up on items humans cannot head down submissive, possible sweating and fear etc – I remember a sucker punch by a coward when I turned my back to him…Just like humans how you treat them is a big part of the problem – Not sure why the lion went after the lady but personal space is important to all until you get to know each other! Dave


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