• wm Skipper Publicover

    as 1 door closes, many open……Gloucester is the winner!

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  • terry lucido-doyle

    Saddened to see this. This hotel should have been built at Gloucester Crossing, not in the middle of the Fort. Nothing pretty about it , nothing nautical. Let us not forget what attracted tourist to Gloucester in the first place, but I suppose its all about money, money, money! Just my opinion.7


  • Where is the white Birdseye tower in this rendering?

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    • I was wondering the same thing Jenn. That was supposed to be part of the concession, and although I never disagreed with the hotel, I don’t much care for the architect’s rendering. It doesn’t resonate Gloucester at all.

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      • I agree. I do not mind the hotel at all, much needed IMO but Why not use some of the design of the old building, the white and lines and such, to try and fit it in? There were some very pretty touches to that building that could have been copied over to the new hotel – even if it was just the white color and more square shape. This new building, though pretty, does not fit into the spot and I don’t see the tower rumored to have a part.


  • Now that’s how we clean up our coastline. I don’t think that place was “attracting” anything but seagull shit over the past 30 years. This is going to be stunning to see that area on the rise with folks enjoying our entire community, and spending money at our local businesses. It’s about damn time.

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  • Looks like one of those beautiful homes on the back shore, very much in keeping with New England coastal architecture.


  • Maybe the tower is on the other side. I remember several beautiful hotels on Cape Ann years ago. It’s good to see one come back.


  • Quote from the Link in the Boston Business Journal

    Finally, Johnston was asked if there will be any effort to commemorate Birdseye’s work at the site.

    “We plan to incorporate a tower in the hotel that his historical significance,” he said. “The Birdseye family has also been very supportive. They have told me that they will be donating the snow shoes that Mr. Birdseye used when he was researching flash freezing along with his microscope, photos, and other artifacts. We want to pay homage to the company that was here before us and was an important part of the City of Gloucester.”

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  • Just a thought only as a friend – Put a tower monument in the courtyard if any – many hotels theat are built on a popular icon out west have done this along with picture of what was on the site before sort of before and after while it was still in operations of course! 🙂 Dave


  • Totally agree with Craig. Its about time. Out with the old hideous, and in with the new. Progress, Evolution, Growth. I’d take the view of the new (with or without the tower – over the old any day. I’m sure the hotel, the jobs created, the tourists, the revenue for the city and and then some.. is all far more positive than the hideous site that has been part of the harbor landscape for decades.


  • Some folks never like change. This hotel will only improve an area that was home to an “old” building that was an eye sore to all who travel via boat in to the harbor.
    Glad to see it gone…


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