Our Weather Guy Pete Gives The Classic Weather Guy Hedge Response When Asked For His Prediction If The Cool Summer Portends a cooler Fall/Winter-

So I ask Pete on twitter-

Pete comes back with-

and then-

Way to have all your bases covered there buddy!

You’re officially ready for the big time.

Can’t argue with that prediction. You’ve got every out imaginable.

I gotta get in on this weather forecasting game.  No doubt I could bring some keen insights to the local weather scene.

Go ahead, anyone, ask me a weather related prediction and I guarantee I’ll knock it out of the park.  Right here in the comment section on this post, fire away, i’m waiting for your weather question with baited breath.


  • Pete with the hard hitting analysis right here. Just sticking his neck out big time. 😉


  • When they say the “feels like temperature is”, what are they wearing when they determine what it feels like?


  • Dear Joey,
    Will it rain next Sunday?? My daughter is having a pool party. Thanks in advance.


    • After consulting my proprietary models I can confidently say that there’s a chance of rain. But it might not rain at all.
      And I guarantee that forecast to be 100% accurate.

      The thing is that it’s probably going to be really nice but there’s a possibility that it might rain, that, you can count on.

      Next weather related question.


  • Do you think we will have an Indian summer and how long will it last?


    • Excellent question. We are definitely going to have an Indian summer unless we have a Cowboy summer in which case all bets are off. I would say it will last anywhere from one month to twelve months.

      Of this I am certain. You can take it to the bank.


  • Was “baited breath” an intentional pun, considering the surroundings at the Dock?


  • The weather man who is out in the elements and living is on to something here – lives what he reports and your surroundings are a key clue to weather changes of mother nature – what Native American teachings and wisdom call: The Cycle of the Seasons…Well done!
    🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


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