GloucesterCast With Guest Paulie Walnuts Frontiero and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/17/14 #GloucesterMA


GloucesterCast With Guest Paulie Walnuts Frontiero and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/17/14



Topics Include: Guest Paulie Walnuts Frontiero,Gloucester Schooner Festival Website, Coast Guard Eagle, Patriot Act , Tracey Arabian Comes Through,Waterfront Festival, Rusty Kinunnen,Block Party, Mark McDonough and Valerie Markeley resign from Block Party Committee, Asking Musicians To Play For Free,Pebble Beach Sign,Fine For Taking Beach Rocks, Block Party Altercation, Thankless Volunteerism, Gloucester Downtown Group, Beauport Princess, Trying To Figure Out How To Broadcast The Schooner Race Action, Schooner Virginia, The Black Dog Schooner Is The Alabama (Joey Called It Wrong),Kudos To Tom Ellis and Harold Burnham, Art Rocks, Hit Rate On Reported Found Art Rocks, Glosta Rocks.

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  • You brought up the lack of coverage on the actual race during the schooner festival. When we were talking to Al Bezanson during mug-up on Sunday you brought up that the technology has changed so much in the past five years that an easy solution is out there.

    I think there is, like just using an iPhone to follow a kayak. Every schooner in the race has at least five people on board with smart phones. They just have to sign on to one website, run a small program then everyone can see all the schooners in real time in one spot. Would a bar in Gloucester have the little icons running around on their big screen? That is what Al is hoping for.

    I’m going to chat with Al this week and getting it done this year might be tough but we really should nail it down for next year.

    It’s 2014 baby we should have live video at each mark with live blogging who’s in first. We could do this now on the back of an envelope.

    The lest we can do is some schooners have AIS transponders on board. We could have a marine traffic post every few minutes on the blog showing where those schooners are.


  • Gloucester Schooner Races: I started shooting the races in 1988 and continued into the late 1990’s. The best location for shooting is at sea from a large, fast boat, such as the committee boat. The overall race is difficult to capture, as the schooners are spread out over the miles long course, but the boats themselves are beautiful. In the Chamber sponsored boat, usually a chartered 35+ foot sport fisherman, we’d speed from the start to the lead schooner, and then back down the line again, ending up in the harbor to tie up. On board were Mayors, State Reps and Senators, press shooters from the GDT, UPI, AP, the Globe, and others. There was no GMG then, but just imagine what that exposure could do for the race. I figured out the best angles, wind direction, and speed to shoot a schooner, and the captains eventually just asked me to tell them where to go. The result was great photos for everyone and fantastic publicity for the Schooner Festival. Although I can’t walk yet, I’d like to cover the race again. Just get me on a boat! BTW, the Martha’s Vineyard schooner flying the Black Dog pennant is the Alabama. Great interview Paul and Joey.


  • Interesting one ending with the glocucester rocks-the conversations you get a better feel for what’s on the minds 🙂 Dave


  • Gloucester Block Party: Everyone agrees that the Block Parties have been an “over the top” success. All you have to do is be open and customers flood your establishment. If you pay the short money to support the event, you can set up your product on tables in the street out to the outer parking space line, in front of your store. I know, I patrolled the West End of Main Street for every Block Party. Although the street is closed to vehicles, you may not block the pedestrians from the sidewalk. The same rules apply to the Sidewalk Bazaar. Like Joey, I know who’s scamming the fees and setting up anyway. Myself, Valerie, and paying Main Street merchants will avoid and not shop at these places. I’m reminded of a recent insightful comment on GMG made by Toby Pett concerning the Market Basket boycott. He’ll not cross the picked lines to save five bucks. Well, in all their wisdom, a few deadbeat merchants are pissing off a lot of their customer base (including fellow store owners) to save a few bucks in participation fees. I pay and volunteer every year for both events, and I help vendors set up properly. Due to illness, I missed the first Block Party, but I made the second and am determined to open for the third one. Block Parties and Sidewalk Bazaars will continue in Downtown Gloucester.


  • Oops, another felon here. A few Glosta rocks reside in Florida. Orange is the new black. Who’d a thunk?

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  • A Review
    From: Outstanding Podcast Magazine;

    “If your going to listen to one GMG Podcast this Summer this one would be it. Insightful, Intelligent, colorful, off the cuff, conversation. You’ll feel like your actually there with them. Not sure that would be a good thing. Two thumbs even with Joey C as host.”

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  • Paulie Walnuts works better than Vicks Nyquil. Zzzzzzzzzzzz Interview a Calico Lobster next time. It might be more entertaining.


  • Authors of GMG have access to pages the readers of gmg don’t have. I can see the stats for the day and the comment section before the comments get posted. Anyone’s comments have to be approved by Joey or an author on their own post. If Joey or an Author thinks the comment is offensive or insulting they make the decision to not allow the comment to be posted. As my time as an author of GMG, some of my comments have been refused for being to harsh on some readers or a post that annoyed me. Sometimes when that’s done it’s Joey trying to save me from myself or save himself from unwanted criticisms.

    The following comment was made today:

    “Paulie Walnuts works better than Vicks Nyquil. Zzzzzzzzzzzz Interview a Calico Lobster next time. It might be more entertaining.” -Anonymous

    A reader might find this an overly harsh review on my awesome performance on the last podcast. I find it hilarious. I’m sure he\she really didn’t mean it. I’m sure they were just busting my balls. If not I still find it funny. I love a good ball busting. That’s what makes the world go round. SO COME AT ME BRO! I need the laughs. Thanks Anonymous!


  • Why would Joey block that? It was harmless and I have to admit I got a chuckle out of it. I think your right Paul, he has gone soft. Maybe you could jump start some of his manhood back by taking him on an illegal rock run in Rockport!


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