This Friday Night Wrestling At O’Maley

The Legendary Pete Kelley forwards-

Hi Joe-here is a photo of Scott Duffany for the Wrestling Event Friday night at the Talbot Rink-7pm-Six matches-Scott is in the Main Event,  a Tables Match versus  Brandino Davis from Parts Unknown. This all benefits the Gloucester Police Relief Association! Thank You-Pete K


Ohhhh baby, this is gonna be a good one!!!!!!


  • Thanks Good Morning Gloucester for promoting this Wrestling Event Friday Night!!!!-Scott Duffany and Pete Kelley


  • I want to thank Scott Duffany for putting life and limb on the line for our entertainment. Everyone knows that Parts Unknown is the most dangerous city on earth. On the line is not on line though. I come from Gloucester and most of my family and friends live there so I still maintain close contact from far off Beverly. That leads to my question. Your local ch 12 is not available to me here. I miss seeing events like this and re-runs of GHS sporting events. Are they available on UTube or any other video media that I can tune into? Thank you all for publishing such an enjoyable series of articles that I believe has gone a long way to putting Gloucester back on the map after the devastation of the fishing industry and promoting the return of tourism.


  • This is going to be a real good one always was into this sport in the B/W TV days …Maybe a video tape of this or link so folks like far way can watch it I would be most grateful to watch the home town hero…thanks for the post! 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


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