The Answer to What is 1630. Joey’s Invitation He may soon regret!

What is 1630?

1,630 is The number of posts I have done since I was invited to join GMG as an Author. Who knew I had so much on my mind. For the most part it’s been fun. Sometimes I get a little carried away. I still have my comments censored by Joey. He tries to save me from myself. During my first couple of years I would love to bust Joey’s Balls when he went on vacation. Back then he didn’t have the time to check the late night posts. So I took advantage of it. Posting joey’s head on a picture of a guy taking a dump was my favorite.

It’s a lot of brain work to come up with a daily post and post title to catch the readers attention. Sometimes I’ll take a little break to recharge my brain.

I never thought this blog would last this long. It’s going to be interesting to see what’s next for GMG.

Goodluck Joey and all the GMG Authors!


Here are links to some favorite Posts of mine;

A Little Bathroom Humor

My Rant! I’m Allowed

The First Illegal Immigrants

Breakfast with joey? 

First Art Rock

If Joey was a Dog

Ok, Ok one for the Ladies

Representin’ for GMG!

SHHHHH! Joey’s Sleeping


There are so many more. I crack myself up sometimes.

Just google me for more.


Below is my first ever post being a GMG Author


Joey’s Invitation He Soon My Regret!

Joey’s Invitation; “Paul, I’m inviting you to officially join the team. All you would need to do is sign up for a free wordpress account and I have it set up so you would be an author like Mike Lindberg , Laurie Lufkin etc.”

Thanks for the Invite to be a GMG Author Joey. It’s an Honor, but I don’t know.

Here are some of my thoughts and questions

Is this an everyday thing?   that may be tough.
What happens if you miss a scheduled post?
I think I have enough Anxiety in my Life.
I don’t have a lot to say!
I could say something  you and I may regret!
What if I ruin GMG’s reputation? It could happen.
What’s the chances of my Wife putting out more because of  this?
What’s the chance of me getting punched from this?
It could be fun!
It could be a disaster!
I could use it to promote the visual arts in gloucester!! and maybe get a kickback. (just kidding)
I could use it to help Promote  Visual Artist’s in this tough economy.
I could use it to promote my stuff!

I could make a complete fool of myself!  I know! That sounds silly, Does’nt it?

See Joey, that’s what goes through my mind.


  • and I thought the bean had anxiety issues.


  • Please one more person say’s I’m suffering from this emotion….Friggen flavor of the generation diagnosis. Next time pick a more appropriate song like “Anxiety cant get nothing done anxiety always on the run…”

    We all live as emotional creatures, in other words mammals that are just plain screwy. Case in point me during fiesta week. It’s what separates us from primates the ability to reason between these emotional states. I will take all these emotions for if we didn’t have those throws of emotion or passion in life what kind of art would we create. So get to writing and swallow you own id…..

    Option two de-evolve [is that a word] into the monkey kingdom and when you suffer anxiety drink your own pee…Youtube it…

    Like Joey says everyone can read what they want and if it doesn’t appeal to a delicate or fragile palate go graze someplace else on verbage. Thats not a word for sure. I give the site two paws up. About 80% of the raw, unfiltered, non sanitized, and actual happenings in that area I likey!

    My diagnosis on this chap is he suffers from a life far from ordinary. Its like we are all characters on that show lost out there..I bet if a guy time traveled from lets say 1919 to now..He would be nuts in a week, its called overloaded circuits. Facebook,myspace , txting,blogging, digg, flickr, cell phones, the news, governments, politics, global economy, climate wars, cameras everywhere, warning danger Will Robinson….

    Hopefully you get my drift if not go quietly back to internet surfing youtube..

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  • I vote you can stay if you post more Chrissie Hynde videos. As a new member with keys to GMG I can answer all your questions:

    No, nothing, not likely, snowballs chance in hell, very likely just duck.
    The last one about making a fool of yourself that is quite possible. But do you think someone is going to gang tackle you in the Shaw’s produce aisle because you posted something goofy?

    Which reminds me of the divorce lawyer sitting down with Mickey Mouse. “Let me guess this straight. You want to divorce Minnie Mouse because she is insane?

    “Nooooooooooo, because she’s fuckin’ Goofy!”


  • I just don’t know what to say.


  • Just do it! Where else can you get such an interesting soapbox to stand on?


  • Paul, It’s not like he’s asking you to eat an insane amount of food!! Just doooooooooo it


  • Paul, I can honestly say (& I mean honestly say) that just touched my soul. From the very begining Paul, I don’t know if you remember But I took to you from the begining. I remember saying how you make me laugh and when you told me what your Italian grandfather said those kind words put you in my heart. So nobody can tell you what to do. You know what’s in your heart. We can only suggest. I for one would say maybe you can at least give it a try and if it doesn’t work at least you will know you tried. Think about it. I say this from the heart.

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  • LOVE this post Paul and when I have a few minutes later today I think i am really going to enjoy reading your favorite posts!!


  • I’ve been a fan since you’re first post, love all your stuff, even your rants, but especially your boat and harbor pics and of course ART, ROCKS! Keep on keeping on, you have a large fanbase out there! 🙂


  • congrats Paul! love your posts and I love MY art ROCK! Keep up the good work!


  • Hey Paul Never a dull moment on this site as long as you keep posting.


  • Congratulations and keep them coming!!


  • Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Have always loved your posts, pictures and especially art rocks. It is a lifelong goal to be in Glosta when you hide one (like Schooner Festival weekend or 9/6 -9/20, hint hint). 😘😘


  • thanks all!
    Saint, Let me know where you guys are staying and i’ll make sure you might trip over one.

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  • Yea!!!!! Stanwood Terrace, right up the street from Joey’s 9/6 -9/20. Super excited at the possibility!


  • Excellent work, Paul! Yikes….1,630!!! That is pretty amazing. I look forward to many, many more.


  • If you never open a door you never know what you may find in the room and like sponge it soaks up all around it.

    Leonardo Da Vinci, said, “Iron rusts from disuse, stagnant water loses its purity and in cold, water becomes frozen; even so does inaction sap the vigors of the mind.” Continue to keep your mind and skills sharp by exploring new challenges and ways of doing business.

    And a close native friend of mine wrote this partial quote:
    (Jumping the Fences of Our Minds)

    “As a result, day-by-day we build fences in our mind, limiting our potential until it strangles our creativity and progress. We then become conditioned over time to accept our self-imposed barrier.

    If you’ve ever seen an electric dog collar, this concept will be much clearer to you. Here’s how it works: A wire is buried underground along the borders of a yard. The dog has a small, electric box in its collar. When the dog goes into the yard, he takes off running, gets to the edge of the yard, and ZAP! – a burst of voltage stops him in his tracks. A dog will do this over and over until he finally accepts the boundaries for himself. Even a dog’s brain will create a “box of safety” where he can avoid the pain. Now, when the collar is removed, the dog still won’t leave the yard. Why? He has been conditioned to accept his fate”.

    Read the story of a PJ USAF and I liked his quote “I think life is a chance, and it’s what you do with that chance that really matters.”
    MSgt Rober Sparks.

    To me it’s a walk back and helps me on the walk forward thanks!

    🙂 Dave


  • Moderation why?


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