Dory Race Elimination Results From Damon Cummings

Mixed Doubles:
1. Elin DiAngelo/Mike Frontiera 6:06 Qualify for Canada
2. Alex Pizzimenti/Mike Harmon 6:43

Over 50, Juniors,  Women
One team each, raced together, all Qualify for Canada
Over 50 Alex Thomas/Donny Favaloro 6:27
Juniors Thomas Beaton/Tyler Edmonds 6:34
Women Amanda Palazzola/Courtney Corey 7:35

Seniors (Open, one mile) TWO HEATS – run off Monday evening at 6
Heat ONE
1. Dylan Morrissey/Clayton Morrissey 10:22
2. Glenn Harrington/Erik Dombrowski 10:30
3. Nick and Chris Giacalone 10:48
4. Jerry Ciaramitaro/Bill Edmonds 10:55
Heat TWO
1. Mike Mitchell/Vito Giacalone 10:27
2. Mike Harmon/ohn Scola 10:52
3. Dave Linquata/Brian Sanborn 11:58
Ruunoff between Morrissey boat and Mitchell/Giacalone Monday at 6pm

One comment

  • Now this would be a great one wo watch for sure for over 50 years not thats a very long row there!! 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


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