Walking Dead’s New Set?

Nope, it’s just a typical Friday at the Market Basket. Yep, this snap was taken on FRIDAY! What normally looks like a mad dash for the latest Cabbage Patch Kids release (my age revieled) with folks jamming up supplies for the beach and the weekend cookouts, looks more like an abandoned prison about to run over by zombies.

This thing has a spooky feel at this point. (you know your trying to see who’s vehicles those are)

I guess that’s why it’s singular in the name…Basket.

Let’s hope these hard working and committed folks get their life and jobs back before it’s too late. And let’s hope it’s before it’s starts to look like Fuller, and we start calling it Ghetto Basket.


  • I completely agree. Our family wants Market Basket back, too.
    Seeing a group of people who have chosen to stand up for what they believe in — for themselves & a grocery store that stands for fair prices, choices, & customer service — let alone as employees who stand behind the CEO they believe is right — & who made MB what we’ve loved ………………………
    If this all falls apart, & the real Market Basket doesn’t re-emerge, our family will not shop there ever again. We have boycotted the store now, & will walk away if the employees’ wishes are not fulfilled.
    Don’t the rest of the MB owners get that? Or is greed all they understand?


  • The pictures say it all – bring it back to life & livelyhood the above comments say it all!:-) Dave & Kim:-)


  • charlene carrier

    Eric Bolling would like to see this correlation to Walking dead.Cc


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