Community Photos 8/5/14

Yacht SUNARK @ Cruiseport Gloucester / photo from Anthony Marks


Hey Joey,
I was hanging out at the Corliss landing during low tide one evening and this big, bass sound came booming across the water. Loud, rap music…gang style. These 3 men went past and the one in the center of the image and I proceeded to have a gun contest. Yes, we were flexing our muscles. Ha ha ha These are the best kind of gangs, it was a fun memory…great night.
Lisa Cardinal

2014_072814_Gloucester gang_image by Lisa Cardinal

Hi, Joey.

Thanks for Good Morning Gloucester.

Hope you like the attached, taken on our deck adjacent to Annisquam River, Gloucester, during the morning fog of Monday, August 4, 2014.

John Schoenbaum

Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA


This flower is growing with my sun flowers. Maybe someone knows what it is

photo 1photo 2

Hi Joey thought I would share some pics from the Sunset Music cruise on July 31st.  It was my husband’s and my 21st wedding anniversary…We had a great time listening to Fly Amero and Alan Estes!

Hi Joey,

I was visiting in West Gloucester Thursday afternoon, and found there was a different type of beauty at low tide.

I thought I’d share a few of my photos.

Mary Barker

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