Community Photos 8/3/14

Supremes/Art Haven Mural Completed!

Hey Joey.

Some shots of long-time Cape Ann artist Rob (now down from Maine and his studio at Redbones in Someville) and folks/kids from Art Haven (Sophie with her mermaid) redoing the Supreme’s mural on Chestnut Street…

Best, Chris Rogers.

Susan LaRosa from The 2014 Bluefin Blowout-

Updated photos of the Schooner Adventure From Mary Barker

Hi Joey,

The Adventure’s crew and volunteers continue to be hard at work.   This past week they were doing a lot of scraping and painting and sharpening scrapers on deck. The crews bunks, storage areas and head in the fo’c’s’le are nearing completion and prep work in the galley area initiated.   Small projects in the engine room continue.  The float is being worked on as well.   This week the Adventure had plenty of company with the Harvey Gamage, Lady Maryland, and Roseway docked along side.   How wonderful to walk down the pier to the sight of 4 sets of spars.  Never a dull moment.

Mary Barker

Loading Gloucester fishing boats with Ice – great Charlie Lowe and David Cox photos from day’s past

Hey Joey –
Where are those great old repeat ice customers, when you need them today ?
Scott Memhard, President & General Manager
Cape Pond Ice Company, Inc.

Squam Day 2014 From Elinor Teele


Wind From Peter Digre-



Photo from July 2014/Ardelle/Janet Rice

Sunset Plum Cove Beach / photos from Anthony Marks



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