Daily Discussion- It’s August 1st. Can You Ever Remember A Summer That’s Flown By So Fast???

It’s craaaazy that it’s August 1st.  Where the heck is the time flying off to?  I seriously don’t want to jinx anything but this nice dry weather has been incredible.  Is it me or has this summer just flown by?


  • Flying by, that is why I try to get to the beach and kayaking as often as possible..


  • I say this every summer, but seriously the fastest summer yet. I am already mourning July and am not quite ready to let it go. 3 more weeks and right back to school/work. And, yes, I realize having the summer off is a ridiculous luxury!


  • Already back to having to have the lights on in the morning…..


  • It’s all about the tomatoes. Picked my first red early bird tomato last night so I did eat one in July. If I get a month of tomatoes in August into September there is no reason to stop calling it summer. Maybe we will have the unvortex in the fall and summer continues until Thanksgiving.
    If fall shows up before August 23 I am going to be pissed. But who to be pissed at? I’ll blame Al Gore.
    The fastest summer on record was 1986. It was cold and rainy every weekend on Cape Ann gusty and cold until Tuesday. Now that sucked. But the wild blueberries were awesome. Always a silver lining.


  • Annnnnd you just jinxed us, weekend forecast is not looking good!


  • We’re not even into the middle of summer yet! It only started June 21st and won’t end until September 22nd. It did get off to a late start weatherwise, but has been pretty amazing ever since. Don’t rush it away.


  • What summer?


  • Summer was never to soon and yes too fast for us school days when weather was getting better and teacher used to call my name day dreaming out the window want to go outside. The old lanes school and beeman school surrounded by dogtown made it even harder…Great teacher’s and great folks D:-)K:-)

    The Lovin Spoonful – Daydream


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