Daily Discussion- Your Favorite Grilling Method

My boy Erik Lorden loves to cook with charcoal.  He feels that it gives better heat and flavor.  For me it’s a big PITA and when I’m hungry it’s a gas grill for me.

What type of grill do you use?  Which do you wish you used and why?

Not gonna lie those big green egg things seem like the coolest thing ever.

Now that I think of it we need to have a BBQ contest don’t we?

Where in the city can you grill outdoors without some special kind of permit and we could have a BBQ contest?


  • I’m a charcole girl. Always have been. I love the flavor, mostly. But I will admit, that when gas grills first started being popular, I was scared to light them! They always did the whole POOF thing. I stuck with charcole, and I probably always will. My kids are all grown now, so a small charcole grill takes up way less space. I understand the speed of a gas grill, but I usually make a veggie and a salad too, so I start the coals, and they are ready by the time I get the other things prepped. I enjoy sitting outside waiting for the food to cook.


  • I use gas, sometimes with soaked wood chips. Stage Fort Park is a great place to grill.


  • Craig Kimberley

    You know wood is king…When I smoke, I use wood & a little charcoal. When I cook over the fire pit in the yard, it’s all wood. I also use a gas grill from time to time, and sometimes add a smoke box to it. Truth be told, as long as your cooking outside, you can’t go wrong! Let’s make this happen Cappin!!!! GMG GRILLLIN’ N CHILLIN’ 2014!!!


  • My husband has a big green egg and will basically use nothing else since getting it as he deems it superior to any other grilling or BBQ method (he users it with hardwood charcoal and wood chips also). I use the gas grill – its easy and since I’m doing pretty much all the weeknight cooking its about speed and easy fixings after work 🙂 I think both are great.


  • I’m super lazy and use gas with chips, and electric with chips for fish smoking.
    I have tasted some amazing things coming out of those big green eggs and you may be able to egg on Foster’s to help foster a BBQ off.
    I now that Craig Kimberley’s product is the essence of BBQ purity.


  • And I forgot to mention this should be a GMG tradition starting this September or August or next week how about Sunday? I’m in and I won’t fake it this time like I did with the chocolate chip cookies.
    I just purchased the secret ingredient this afternoon from Karl’s Sausage Kitchen. Goose Fat. I’ll kick your ass.


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