Eastern Point Light

Eastern Point Lighthouse

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Eastern point lighthouse 1832

Eastern point lighthouse 1832



Read more here  http://www.lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=476



  • Is the lighthouse from 1832, or the photo? If it’s the photo, that is really amazing. Either way, it’s a great old time shot. Thanks


  • I think not. Google “first photograph” and you find that the first known photo was made in France in 1816 (by Nicéphore Niépce) but it was a negative and he hadn’t figured out how to fix it from going black when exposed to light. Ten years later he slved that problem, but it still was ready for prime time. Daguerre came up with the daguerrotype ten years after that. Photography didn’t really catch on in the US or anywhere else until the 1850s or so.

    So maybe this particular Eastern Point lighthouse structure was built in 1832, but it almost certainly wasn’t photographed until at least 20 years later. From the clothing on the woman on the left, this photo may date from the late 1890s or maybe early 20th century. People smarter than me know the history of the different lighthouses that may have been built on this site.


  • Not sure I cleared anything up, but thanks for whetting my curiosity, Paul!


  • According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_Point_Light the first Eastern Point light was built in 1832, and the current tower was built in 1890. That’s most likely the tower in the photo.


  • Nice shot Paul – out on the point 🙂 D & K:-)


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