Way to be, Jack Ass!

I guess for someone, stealing is easier than working for it.  And from kids nonetheless. Allow me to explain.

If you’ve browsed any of my previous posts here on GMG, you’ve probably come to know a few things about me.  You probably know that I’m long winded (does that actually apply to writing?) and you’ve probably gotten to “know” my two young boys….and maybe you’ve learned that they love the ocean.  More than loving it, they work hard at being budding little lobstermen, and they’re pretty passionate about it.

If you haven’t seen it yet, maybe this will help paint the picture

Young and Salty

My boys, along with their three great friends…on our friends’ boat, go lobstering typically twice per week all summer long.  With only ten traps, they certainly don’t do it to make money….they do it because they love it.  And, they do it for Lobsterfest!  Once each summer (maybe twice if we’re lucky)… we gather our families and some of our local friends, and we have a feast to end all feasts. More importantly, we have laugh after laugh, in one of the most picturesque towns I know.  It is, without a doubt, one of our favorite evenings of the entire summer.

We check the tide chart….we check our busy summer schedules…and we pick a day.  This summer…that day was Saturday.

The kids feel tremendous pride that their hard work supplies the Stars of the Show:  The Rockport Harbor Lobsters!  They feel tremendous pride that our guests….friends who have watched them grow, learn, laugh, and cry…gather to enjoy a quintessential summer evening and “oooh and ahhhh” over their bounty! They feel tremendous pride in being such a huge part of such a special tradition.

So, maybe you can imagine our shock and dismay to discover that THE lobsters had been stolen from the water on Friday night.  Holding tank and all.  Gone.  As a friend put it, “It’s like losing your uniform the night before the Big Game.”  The night before Lobsterfest.

I get that maybe the thief wasn’t aware that those lobsters had been slowly gathered by a group of dedicated children…and their two amazing dads.  Two dads who take the time to show those kids how to haul and set their gear.  Two dads who, while they love lobstering with the kids, may actually prefer to cast a few rods, set an anchor at the beach, or play a round of golf on a few more occasions, rather than continuously tend to the traps.  Or maybe they wouldn’t rather do those things, either way, that isn’t the point.

The point is, Stealing is wrong…and I’m pissed.

“The children must be crushed!” you may be thinking.  Well, actually, the children don’t know.  Luckily, those two amazing dads also had the wherewithal to not let the children know that someone had stolen their lobsters.  They would have been beyond devastated.  They would have been hurt.  They probably would have been confused.

Those two amazing dads also didn’t want our guests to know that they had to scramble and buy lobsters in the eleventh hour.  They certainly didn’t want any guests to run out and purchase lobsters themselves….not that any of those guests would have minded!  Lucky also is that Cape Ann is the type of community where friends rally for each other.  Lucky also is that, having lived here forever, those two amazing dads have people who were happy to help them and that getting enough lobsters to feed our friends was possible.

So, Lobsterfest was a giant success.  Those little “lobsterkids” are none the wiser and, while we’re still mad, it would take more than a small time thief (Jack Ass) to ruin a wonderful summer evening with such amazing friends.  Still, shame on them.

IMG_3359 IMG_9141 IMG_9153 IMG_6258


  • Shame indeed! I duly hope they got pinched by the same lobsters they stole.

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  • Hey that’s Thatcher Schraft- one of my t-ball stars!

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  • Great job dads…Great job Kids….Karma’s a bitch…..remember that

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  • Gina Sawyer Reopell

    Well said, I too grew up in Gloucester and learned the hard work made it taste that much better.
    Family – Lobster – Clam Bakes over seaweed with corn from my grandfather’s garden will always be a part of me.
    I guess we are true salts of the earth with hearts so big, that we would all be there for one anorther
    Gloucester born 1956

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    • Those clam bakes sound lovely, Gina. Makes me happy that you still carry those memories! I hope that, years from now, these happy summer memories mean as much to my boys as they mean to us now.


  • Nice story . Way to take care of business DADS and MOMS !!! You all have beautiful children . Gratitude -Atitude

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  • I’m sorry to hear about this upset, but am unclear how and where the lobsters were stolen from. Can you explain?


    • Sure, Rebecca. The lobsters go into a large holding tank that floats in the water until the lobsters are needed. That holding tank was cut free and taken…lobsters and all.


      • Nichole, You have every right to be pissed by this and your post is not long at all, it’s needed release for you and the children affected! There is an unwritten code you do mess with these bad karma later will befall you. A friend who a had a Live storage pot/cage in lanes cove in 60’s had this happen to him but we caught the culprit. We were close to ladder when we saw bubbles coming from a skin diver where his Lobster Buoy needless to say you jump in and swim to the bottom cove have to hold breath a bit here and he did caught this guy red handed stealing lobster’s. Made him put them back and took his name…never saw him again in cove…

        Whomever took them surely showed a very poor example!

        Sorry to hear this! 😦 Dave


  • Thanks so much, Tuf! I am so proud of the kids…and the dads!


  • You guys are amazing parents! I love reading your posts. Ditto to what Brenda said Karma is a bitch and she will reward them …. it think an allergic reaction is warranted or perhaps a 3-5 day bought with intestinal distress. Jerks.


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