The Ghost Chair, Believe it or Not

The Ghost Chair, Believe it or Not

We’ve been doing a little remodeling, adding hardwood floors, 2nd Bathroom etc.

They (Certified Ghost Hunters) say that when you remodel it may awake spirits that are disturbed that your changing their habitat. This seems to be the case with our Rocking Chair. Sometimes when watching TV it will start rocking slowly then increase speed. I did a little experiment. I asked the Chair a few questions. One question always gets a response. The question is “do you like people sitting on you? It always speeds up when asked this. Any GMGer’s have similar experiences? There must be with Gloucester being founded in 1623. Let us know.



  • Yes, one house we lived in on the corner of Gerring Rd. and Mt. Pleasant Ave., in East Gloucester was definitely haunted. I was in second and third grade. I loved the house–casement bullseye windows, horsehair plaster walls, wide board wood floors, a huge (delicious) mulberry tree in the front yard— and a deep, dark, dirt and rock cellar. The cellar was where all the noises would come from. A LOT of noises. And the cellar light would go on and off. The banging would sometimes get louder and louder until you could hear it throughout the entire house. One night it was so bad and so scary, we all ran from the house to the neighbors and didn’t go home till the next day. Strange–I was scared, but not scared. I loved the house and I guess I just accepted the ghost as part of it. I still miss that house and often dream of it. I would love to know the history of the house and the ghost.


  • That is creepy! Have you ever taken a video of that? Maybe the video will show something that the naked eye cannot see. ??


  • Rosemary Intingaro

    Is the rocker in front of an open window as it appears to be in the photo?


    • Hi Rosemary,
      This is a split level home you can see the door on the right. It wasn’t opened when it happened.
      Will try to take a video when it happens again. I’ll keep a camera on my side table at all times or I’ll set up a tripod in the corner.
      Thanks for your comment.


  • Its not a ghost, its a Moolongz trying to communicate with you.


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