Carol McKenna Encounters Moolongz at Gloucester Harbor

carol and freelang

Was lucky enough to catch this shot of Carol McKenna and her dog Zoe communicating with a Moolongz at Gloucester Harbor. They’re here. Can you see them?

E.J. Lefavour


  • Well done, EJ…..A visit to your new digs is overdue!


  • You have to see this wonderful book and meet the Moonlongz ~ and Zoe and I were thrilled to meet this special beings ~ way ahead of us ~ enjoy and help EJ get this wonderful book published by contributing on kickstarter ~ Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ thanks, xoxo ~ ^_^


  • Love this! Others see them too!!!


  • I think Rubber Duck sees them. I’m glad you didn’t do a story about hired bees. This is much better.


  • Who knows, maybe there is a story in the future about hired bees (maybe having to do with the take down of Monsanto – “hired bees and monarch butterflies overthrow Monsanto” – I think you might be onto something), but for now it is Moolongz.


    • I was just weeding my milkweed patch and my father reached down from a cloud and swatted me.

      Is it OK to weed around a weed? Maybe the milkweed is freaking out as I weed because it knows it’s a weed and I am stressing it? Or since it is a weed it likes to have all its weed friends as company?

      Forgive me father for I have not gone insane but it is for the Monarch Butterflies I am tilling absurdity.

      And thanks now I know how to pronounce Moolongz. A yodeling cow Moolongz.


      • I hope you didn’t get swatted too hard, because I imagine milkweed plants do better if they are weeded, but maybe not, because they are weeds and weeds certainly like congregating. I love the yodeling cow image you conjured up!


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