The Crow’s Nest a welcoming atmosphere to wet your whistle



The Crow’s Nest was made even more famous after the movie The Perfect Storm, staring George Clooney, who when in Gloucester may stop in for a drink.


IMG_2528 Stitch

IMG_2524 Stitch


  • But Earle Foote sang, “People flock to the Crow’s Nest, still seems kind of weird to me!”

    Will I get my ass kicked if I pull out Rubber Duck? 😉


  • Love the Crow’s Nest. We were just there last weekend. A great mix of locals and people stopping in to check it out because of the movie. A great place to hang out. We love when Annie’s tending bar.


  • All that extra business and they couldn’t fix the flooring?


  • Cold beer, friendly, well-mixed cocktails. Great bartenders, but be mindful of Gregg, the innkeeper, he is a bit cantankerous. Whatever you do, do NOT ask him about the 1967 USA Ballroom Dancing National Championship. He got eobber and he won’t stop talki g about it.


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