Nelsen’s in Business since 1874 – 140 Year Family Business

IMG_2556Nelsen’s is where Gloucester Fishermen buy work and leisure clothing. 

A business that proves that family owned businesses can be successful.


IMG_2539 Stitch




  • I had no idea what Nelson’s was until just right now. Wow! Good to know!


    • I’ve been buying from Nelsons since I started here at the dock in 1975. just like every other fisherman and dock worker in this town. Good quality work clothes at an honest price. It’s like a mini Cabelas right here in our own back yard.


  • I love going into Nelsens, they have great stuff


  • i been buying at nelson,from 1964 when i got out of high school


  • Only place that has hats for big heads. What? I got a size 8 and a half gourd. Brains baby. Big brains.

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  • I shop at Nelson’s as I regularly need what they offer…Herb Nelson schooled me in certain ways when I was a member of the City Council…I cherish the memories and share them from time to time…he understood Main Street business sense…I miss his perspective,,,


  • Lot’s of history and quite a collection something for everyone –here and believe I bought a few items out of here when we went into Gloucester from Lanesville on the bus – 1966-1967 oh happy days 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


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