Throwing Lefty- A Good Morning Gloucester FOB Production (Now Updated With Chariots of Fire Music)


  • Very funny-especially slo mo!!


  • Toby’s release point was behind his head!


  • Video not available. Was it that embarrassing? Now I remember why I can’t raise my arm to shave this morning. I think I need Tommy John surgery …


    • I watched it earlier and now it says failed so I’m re uploading it. Next time I’m going to take a better camera angle and not allow any steps. Gotta throw from a standing position without taking steps


  • Toby and Eric for the win on most awkward! Craig wins for maintaining his coolness in the face of potential awkwardness. Ruby wins for cuteness.


  • Loads now. I gotta say Toby has a wicked change up. Bill Lee called that the Eefus pitch.

    Ruby obviously was the star. Runner up: all those clowns who were pantomiming my excellent lefty windup.

    Ruby was probably the only one who woke up this morning without a sore arm.

    FYI: Ruby is the furry one.

    Most awesome: Joey since he was actually touching a ball that Ruby had been slobbering on.


    • Eephus pitch
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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      An Eephus pitch (also spelled Ephus) in baseball is a very low speed junk pitch.[1] The delivery from the pitcher has very low velocity and usually catches the hitter off-guard. Its invention is attributed to Rip Sewell of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1940s. According to manager Frankie Frisch, the pitch was named by outfielder Maurice Van Robays. When asked what it meant, Van Robays replied, “‘Eephus ain’t nothing, and that’s a nothing pitch.” Although the origin is not known for certain, Eephus may come from the Hebrew word אפס (pronounced “EFF-ess”), meaning “nothing”.[2]


  • Paul , I have to say, the pantomiming in slow motion was the funniest part of the whole video.


  • Craig Kimberley

    Best video of the decade….I’m awaiting my trophy…trophy 6 pack!


  • OK, the Chariots of Fire add on was worth a second look. It changed an embarrassing spectacle into an awesome feat of strength and agility for sure.
    Next time we should end with a slow-mo run down the beach at sunset with Ruby leading the way.


  • Thanks guys ~ this finished with a smile for me 😉


  • Great time with friends was the a spitball there ruby? 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


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