Big Block Party Birthday Bash — Be There @ 6pm Tonight (SAT)


Celebrate The Downtown Gloucester Block Party’s seventh year at a gala kick-off on center stage July 19 at 6 pm. Audience members are invited to the Bank Gloucester Stage, corner of Porter and Main for a brief opening celebration at 6 pm. Cake will be provided by sponsor Jennycakes. The other stages throughout Main Street will open following the presentation.

See Entertainment by Stage here

See Entertainment by Time here

See Restaurants with Al Fresco Dining, plus merchants open late here

Pete Lovasco says the weather will be just fine, so come on down and dance in the streets!


  • Gloucester’s 7th.Anniversarey
    “Main Street” Block Party
    By Peter A. Todd 07/18/2014

    From Bank Gloucester to West End and in between
    Gloucester’s Block Party is filled with fun
    With people we may first meet or have long since seen
    Re-united together with memories of the past and songs sung
    The Fishermen and Lobstermen and blue collars too
    Sharing happy moments of heritage past
    Getting a taste of real cooking and many things to do
    A time to be shared by all to long last
    Music and Laughter and dancing in the street
    The smiles of many happy faces
    All the different varieties of drinks and food to eat
    Under predawn sun and starlit night embraces
    This my friends is the true heritage of Gloucester’s years
    That the sands of time will never release to the seas
    Through good times that in our memories we’ll hold dear
    The future of our beloved Gloucester will be of progress
    As long as we have Faith and believe
    On this July 19th. we again meet on our Main St
    For the enjoyment of laughter and fun
    With more lasting memories of all we meet
    From friendships old and new begun
    We join to celebrate this our seventh year
    For a time of which our hearts will embrace
    Rekindling with happiness to those we hold dear
    Partaking of the food so delicious and store items great


  • OMG, thank you very much, Peter A. Todd. I’m tardy reading this, but so glad I caught it!
    Thank you. Tomorrow September 20th another big Block Party!


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