What’s missing in this picture? From Janet Rice

Janet Rice submits-

This photo was taken after 6PM last weekend. Although there is a huge crowd (many of them small children) at Good Harbor Beach there are no lifeguards!.
Over the past few years cars have been, in ever increasing numbers, streaming into the Good Harbor Beach parking lot after the City stops collecting fees and staying until it gets dark.
This is not an unusual sight on a good day. Does this also happen at our other beaches as well? It makes me wonder if it’s time for the City to reassess it’s beach safety policies before something tragic occurs.
What have other people observed and what do you think?


What I think is that people need to take some personal responsibility, stop expecting the government to wipe their ass all the time and use common sense.    When it’s dark out I could trip and fall walking down my street, should I expect a police escort holding a flashlight for me?  If the water is rough and you’re not a particularly strong swimmer, how about not going in?  How about the parents of the small children go in the water with them, look after them or tell them not to go in the water if it’s too rough?  When I go to beaches in Florida you walk for miles and miles of beach and not see lifeguards.  That’s my take.



  • It is about time for personal responsibility..


  • Could not agree more that people need to take more personal responsibility. On board with what Joey said 100%. However, most people don’t take responsibility for themselves and their families, and I only see that getting worse, not better. Something will happen and the city will get sued. If you go to GHB you know there are many visitors there that seem quite content to leave the care of their children to the lifeguards. I don’t think the city has the resources to extend the hours for lifeguards but at the very least there should be a sign posted with coverage hours and the standard disclaimer about swimming at your own risk. Or, we could simply collect all the money from the empties left by underage drinkers that the police ignore and fees charged by those running illegal lots and have enough to post lifeguards from sunrise to sunset!


  • If people can not take personal responsibility for them selfs an children, maybe the city should just lock the gate.


  • For those who prefer to have lifeguard services should utilize this service when available, otherwise swim at your own risk. Major priority of concern regarding GHB is the trashing that occurs daily. Many public parks a have “carry in carry out” policy which needs to be encouraged at GHB. When trash dispensers are available, people tend to overflow the area with trash, which then becomes a feeding ground for seagull and other critters.
    Trash left of the beach & dunes ends up in the ocean. Plus it is a major eyesore.
    Educate the visitors by giving out trash bags and notifications to be responsible humans.
    No littering – Carry in Carry out
    Secure all food items on the beach – don’t feed seagulls
    Swim responsibly – post lifeguard hours


  • I agree with that sentiment in theory but rest assured that if and when some child drowns it will be the government that many will blame!
    At the very least, Gloucester is losing out on fees it could be collecting from late arrivals to help cover beach maintenance costs. Also, extending the lifeguard hours would provide more summer jobs for the City.
    As I see it, a win/win( as in better general public safety and added revenue for Gloucester).


  • Parents please watch your children at the beach, July 4th we were at the beach (in FL) and this 3 year old is walking down the beach crying for Mommy – my daughter walked her over 1/4 mile to find the parents who said “she was fine she had her swimmies on while we were in the water” seriously, my daughter said this happens all the time and she is such a great gal and cares for these children she is constantly finding the parents – we always enjoyed the beach but stayed together when they were small – when they got to be about 15 I would let them walk the beach by themselves. Happy to say no mishaps in our family


  • What lifeguards when I swam in lanes cove most of the time or quarries lanesville familes looked out for each other, and you always went swimming with other’s not by yourself – as the 60’s things change or the George Morey or other’s would also yell out at you to be careful or saw you in danerous locations waves and storms picked up you got out… I like this saying also.

    I think most beaches or locations you swim have a warning about own risk or no lifeguards are on duty times etc…

    “Nakai” said he normally doesn’t advise, but if asked, he’ll say that no one is owed a living, and that no one should adopt a sense of entitlement. You have to go out and work hard and earn things for yourself. R. Carlos Nakai.



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