Artist Spotlight Series – Photographer Catie Partridge

catie partridge

I recently came across some photography by Catie Partridge that I thought was great and should be shared with GMG.  

Catie moved to Gloucester in February of this year, but is not new to the city. Her grandparents, both sides, are from Gloucester. Her father, a Hildonen hailing from Lanesville, has family that goes back a few generations in Gloucester and Rockport. On her Mother’s side, she claims her Frontiero heritage and undying love of the sea.

She never lived in Gloucester because her father’s early navy career took her parents away from Gloucester and Massachusetts, but growing up with Gloucester roots was her stability. Christmas times, birthdays and, of course, the Saint Peter’s Fiesta were some of her favorite memories, here in her heart’s home by the sea.

Catie’s passion for photography started at a young age, when her elementary school ran a short program for gifted students that focused on photography. she won her first blue ribbon that year. She is fairly sure almost everyone got a ribbon, but it didn’t matter – something she loved seemed to love her back. To this day she still lovingly blames her teacher for her passion.

The ocean is one of the things she loves to photograph, but when she thinks about it, there are few things she doesn’t like photographing.  She has a special place in her heart for buoys though, perhaps because they bring to mind lobster boats and fishermen, and take her home to a place where she can smell the salt sea air and hear the seagulls cry.

Catie says: “Chances are if you see some silly girl in an odd position on the dock trying to get the right angle on the seaweed stuck to a chain, its me.”  She has photographed weddings, dabbled in portrait photography, and has sold a few photographs to individuals.

Catie is hoping that someday people will enjoy her artwork as much as she does and that she might be able to make her passion for photography into a career. She is happy to share her talent with others and has active flickr and facebook pages she can be reached at while she works on getting a full website up and running.

Above are a few of her favorite Gloucester Photos and you can see more of her photography at


E.J. Lefavour


  • EJ
    The name Hildonen of grandparents sounds real familiar Kenny Hidonen had the grocery store in lanes on Washington street by Duley Street. Was about two minute walk from the folks house. This is where they throught the gloucester daily times out that I delivered in the mid to late 60’s…There was a big iron rail then and poles that ran all the way to duley street? I loved the hotdogs that were strung together – we did most of the grocery shopping here Kenny was a great man alway freindly and cutting the meat in back of store facing lane cove side…, other times wene to Fred Sarri’s, or Mcphersons store clsoe to the intersection of where Washington stree went by the old lanes school or ran into Andrews corner farther up turned into Langsford Street!

    Dave 🙂 & Kim 🙂 Very nice photos…


  • 🙂 Yup, that’s my family tree alright.


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