Free outdoor movie series in Gloucester next up Raiders of the Lost Ark

Cat Ryan Submits-

… Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

Raiders of the Lost Ark is coming this Wednesday, July 16, 2014, at I4-C2/65 Rogers Street for the free HarborWalk summer cinema series. Raiders is sponsored in part by Trident Gallerywhich just opened a new Gloucester focused exhibit featuring 18 contemporary artists. Stop in to see Gloucester through their eyes before the movie!

Make sure to bring lawn chairs and blankets. Food, snacks and drinks are available for purchase beginning at 6pm. You can bring a picnic too or eat/order out downtown. Movies begin at dark. In the case of rain or other inclement weather, the movie night will be postponed and will be rescheduled for the following Monday. Postponement announcements will be posted on the City website and HarborWalk Facebook page.

Seagulls, boats, and harbor…Oh My! Here’s more pictures of what you missed at last week’s Wizard of Oz, the first free movie for the HarborWalk Summer Cinema series. All the movies are family friendly classics and Oz was a fitting choice to start the series off! Big shout out to Doyon’s who sponsored Wizard of Oz. The massive screen and classic movie line up are all thanks to Rob Newton’s Cape Ann Community Cinema in partnership with the City of Gloucester’s community development department and the HarborWalk. Senior Planner Matt Coogan is orchestrating this series. Ramping up the scale of community viewing, Cape Ann Community Cinema’s owner, Rob Newton, geared up during the set-up. As you might expect in Gloucester, there was a big community turn out for art! As dusk approached, I stopped counting at 400 people streaming in. Kids played “soccer” with beach balls provided byNORTH SHORE 104.9 radio who emceed the pre-movie time. Radio host Aurelia Nelson and NORTH SHORE 104.9 crew were amiable. You can catch her show Curtain up! with Aurelia Nelson on Sunday mornings at 9AM. Carol Thistle, Senior Project Manager for City of Gloucester coordinated with the radio station. Vendors you may know from Cape Ann Farmer’s Market and/or festival and Downtown Block Party regulars set up nearby and included: Markouk’s specialty bread and sandwiches (grilled right there on their traditional Lebanese saj), Kettle corn, and fried dough. Pop Gallery added to the festive vibe—see some of their recent garb on Joey in this GMG post.

Need more free flicks and fun? Here are a few links for other line-ups (mostly Boston). I think we have the best poster thanks to Chris Muskopf!

· Wednesday right here in Gloucester HarborWalk Summer Cinema

· Thursdays Jamaica Plain

· Fridays Boston Harbor Hotel AND the Hatch Shell

· Saturdays Prudential and Somerville’s Riverfront Park Assembly Row

· Sundays Christopher Columbus Park

· Various days Beverly’s Lynch Park and various days/various neighborhoods Mayor Walsh’s Movie Nights


  • My favorite thing all year is the sailing of the Schooners when they come out one by one for us to see on Boulevard. I feel like I’m in the 1800′s!!! It’s so beautiful! I love the fact that you people who speak have such knowledge of the boats we are seeing, but I really wish you would put in a pamphlet that we could buy (help give $ to the festival) and we would not have to listen to a really blasting loud voice which spoils the whole atmosphere of this gorgeous show. Can someone please try it just once to see if other people agree with me that we would rather feel like we’re in the 1800′s and not at a screaming concert? I mean no disrespect to the people who talk, it just ruins the atmosphere. Please consider this or at least turn the sound way, way down – if people want to hear you, they can sit next to you. There’s no place to go on the Boulevard to escape the loud sounds. Please. Thank you.


    • You know if you really. Want to experience it to the max you can book a ticket on one of the boats that day. Then no screamers. Just make sure you don’t get on one with the shanty singers. You wont be able to hear yourself think.


  • Hi Joey,
    Due to the predicted weather tomorrow, Raiders will run on Monday July 21


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