Community Photos 7/15/14

Hillside from Peter Digre


Note To Kim Smith:

Hey Kim:
The milkweeds are ready.
Can you send some butterflies over?
Greg Gibson


Hi there,

I just stumbled on Good Morning Gloucester, and thought I’d add this photo to the collection. My family owned Rockholme for several years, perhaps 1952-1955.  Daniel & Frances Kagno, J.William & Bernice Finkel. This was before the name changed to Shepherd’s Cove, and before it was winterized.  I’m sure I can find better photos. It’s so beautiful now! 

From Faithe Raphael


Photos taken evening of 7/12/2014 From Eric Schwartz

20140712 (DSC_1716) Supermoon (S) (WM)20140712 (DSC_1721) Supermoon (S) (WM)


  • Hey Greg–thanks for showing us your Gorgeous patch of milkweed!! Look for butterflies on warm sunny days, (not like today). I often see the females from around 10:30 am onward depositing eggs on marsh milkweed.


  • Mary Ann Gonnella

    I used to spend weekends at The Rockholme Guest House in the late 60’s and early 70’s. It was owned by someone who owned a nursing home, if I remember correctly. She gave us a tour of the whole house. I just loved the antique furniture and the green cast iron stove in the kitchen. I have pictures if anyone is interested.


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