Kickin’ It in Rockport!

What a ball!   On Saturday morning men and women from the United States Navy joined forces with some young and eager kickball stars from Rockport.  The results were a mad game of Kickball!  The Midshipmen (trust me when I say I did some research to figure out the correct terms to use for these awesome men and women…but, since they were out of uniform, I’m at a loss) were unbelievable with the kids and, while the game was competitive, it was also hysterical to watch.  Children 6 years old and older were welcome to register in advance for the opportunity to play with and against the Navy.  At the end of the game they game some younger children (including the Finnster) a chance to kick and run the bases as well.

Thanks to all of those involved!  Lasting memories for these young kids for sure.


  • Good morning Nichole ~ glad you are enjoying time our Annapolis Midshipmen! They are a great group of men and women continually providing many community service projects to the city while studying to provide security for our country. As my grand daughter was in middle school, I volunteered to be a driver for the midshipmen. What a pleasure to pick up smiling faces in the morning as they set out to mentor the students in need at selected city schools. A visit to the Acadamy is inspiring ~ brought forth by the Midshipmen serving our country ~ in so many ways ~ every day.


  • Please Don’t forget the ten sailors from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard who participated in the kickball game! The sailors who came to Rockport for the Rockport Navy Weekend did so on their own time!


  • This is a great item and they concur with Mary McLound Tucker and Sharon! – Great folks “freedom’s frontier on the shores and oceans world-wide.” Should have seen the kids this way when they visited the installation. I spent 1 1/2 years in South Korea at Jinhae-Chinhae serving with them as a civilian retired military- cherished memories for sure…life long friendships


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