• Gorgeous! I just hung your Paint Factory sketch that I bought a few years back at EJs gallery, it’s in the kitchen and I love it! I placed it so it would remind me of my old view out my kitchen window. Loving my new place near Niles, but missing my beloved Paimt Factory and The Fort for sure!


  • You do beautiful work! Will you be hiding any art rocks next weekend? We’re going to be visiting town for the hubby’s birthday.


  • That is beautiful, Paul – your painting and the quote.


  • Paul here is the follow-up…Excellent job, quotes and what a view…This is what mom told me when I talked with her Sunday.

    Painting talked with mom had two from Mass she got as a teen in 1948 from an Oliver Albertson oil painting of Schooner. (He could not talk mom said as a result of being gassed during World War I Trenches fighting). She said she watching him painting it and he did not like how it came out, but mom loved it he gave it to her as a gift. Second one was a picture of a Dory two fishermen pulling the fish net up, this one was a replica by a Sargent family member she bought this at a store. I have a picture (watercolor) I believe also a replica copy of a country red barn set in a fall scene with boy walking a dirt road with straw hat and bamboo fishing pole (done that myself in younger days) with a stringer of fish and a lassie collie walking with him. The setting was by a big red barn in Mass or New England area hard to read name or writing (Brighttimell many years now) (?). Been in family for 55 years now and I have it with me here!


    • I have a painting by Oliver Albertson and I have been researching Oliver’s career. In the 1920 census his occupation is a shipper in a mfg plant and in 1930 he worked at box factory in Gloucester. One of the small bio I found said he worked from a wheel chair all his life in his studio. My Aunt whom my painting came from related to me he was gassed during WWI. My Aunt and Uncle received the painting as a wedding gift in the very early 1940’s. If you remember anything else about Mr. Albertson please let me know.
      Sincerely, Paula Smith/Oregon


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