State of the Art Gallery’s Paul Frontiero Sr. Artwork Sale 2014

The Late Paul Frontiero’s Paintings available only at

 the State of the Art Gallerys  on Pleasant St

and Rocky Neck.


YOU  CAN CALL US AT (978) 395-1783 (Roger Armstrong) )OR (978) 395-1915 (Sharon Pablo)

The late Paul Frontiero Sr. Art Exhibit continues 2014.

Thanks to all who came out for the opening back in September. I had a great time talking to everyone about my Dad’s Artwork and Life. I was surprised to meet his collectors from years ago. Some came from far away to view and purchase a painting. My Dad would’ve been so happy.  Thanks again, Paul Jr.

Many Paintings are still available through State of the Art Galleries Through out the summer of 2014

‘From Ships to Shores’: Doryman left fishing to pursue painting

By Gail McCarthy Staff Writer

The son of a Gloucester fisherman, the late Paul Francis Frontiero Sr., began fishing with his father at the age of 12.

He did not know then that this would become his way of life for many years. He never finished Gloucester High School because his father was injured while fishing and he had to leave his studies. As a result, he spent many years laboring in jobs at sea.

Frontiero, born in 1925, even worked as a doryman, an avocation that became extinct; with the innovation of the motorized trawler, the dory fishing industry began to wither in the late 1930s. However, he remained in demand on the port’s fishing vessels because of his skills as an engineer and cook.

For the entire story click here



For more info on the exhibit contact:


  • Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon

    Paul, I enjoyed visiting your dad’s art display on Saturday. He was truly a very talented man.
    Our fathers were brothers, Joe and Mike, and we were always so proud of Paul. I have more family pictures: your dad’s first communion and a picture of him as a child with your great-grandmother. my Aunt Annie. You can contact me at


    • My mother when I told her how much I love his paintings -memory lane told me she went to school with him (JR High HS?). I saw another painting in the paper this way 1851 by artiist Frit Lane the Schooner “America” winning the first America’s cup race in Britain. Artist in the 60’s use to be all over the coves and rocks cape ann!

      Thank You – and please my condolences on the recent losses in family!


  • Paul,

    Is that lanes cove on the dad looking at? I will ask mom again about picture she has at home last time got cutoff but plan on calling here tomorrow Sunday our time. She did tell me this before we got cut off: According to my mom in 1940’s she worked at the Annisquam yacht club as a teenager. Also worked 1 year babysitting children made a Whooping $10.00 dollars a week then which was a lot. She mentioned going to Vic Vacaries store Bayview where they had jukebox and they would hand out and dance there.

    Dave & Kim 🙂 & Kim 🙂


  • I have 3 original paintings by Paul Fronterio Sr. I got them from my father in law, Paul Sawyer who is Paul’s cousin. Beautiful pieces.


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