Enter the World of the Sperm Whale


Enter the World of the Sperm Whale



From Amy Kerr;                 bannerlogo

“The RV Odyssey is equipped with a video camera in the bow which allows us to observe the behaviors of the animals we study and capture some great footage. We’ve seen many different species during Operation Toxic Gulf 2014, but the focus of our work is the sperm whale–the largest toothed predator on Earth.

In this Odyssey bowcam video the sounds you hear are not mechanical boat sounds, but the clicks of the sperm whale, as explained here by Dr. Peter Madsen. These are the sounds we listen for that allow us to track sperm whales. Also keep in mind the animal you’re seeing, as graceful as it is,  is the size of a school bus, so a pod of sperm whales is the animal equivalent of a fleet of school buses swimming around the Odyssey.

We will continue to track and biopsy sperm whales, the apex predators of the Gulf, for the duration of this campaign so that we can better understand the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

[Check out bowcam footage of Atlantic spotted dolphins here.]



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  • Patti Amaral aka litterlady

    There is a video I showed at Veterans school about a miniature sperm whale called Inky. Inky was so sick and they didn’t know why, well Inky was so full of plastic from litterbugs that she almost died. I’m glad Inky was saved now we have to save all the other creatures by not littering, most litter ends up in the ocean so think about them and put litter and recycling in its place.


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