Boat Builder Summit

Barbara and I are fortunate to have as a house guest Brad Dimock of Flagstaff, Arizona. Brad is the brother and brother-in-law of our dear friends Doug and Nancy Dimock who live in Tuscon.

Brad is a master builder of a type of dory called the Oregon Drift Boat. They look a lot like our Gloucester dories above the waterline but have a much more shallow draft. That’s because they are used to navigate the shallow and swift rivers of the west where Brad, in addition to building boats, guides them down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon.  In his spare time, Brad writes about the history of the Grand Canyon and his adventures on the river.

Having visited our friendly rivals in Lunenburg, NS to see their dory building and after a stop in Maine to take an oar building class, Brad stopped by here with the hope of meeting some of our local boat builders.   His timing was good. Brad met and had nice chats with Geno Mondello of the Dory Shop and Harold Burnham builder and skipper of Ardelle.

Please visit, and to learn more about Brad and his work. DSCF4903Geno and Brad talk about dories.DSCF4906Brad meets Harold on Ardelle.


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