What the Fluke

I will swim with a humpback whale some day.

It’s at the top of my bucket list for sure.

I actually planned a vacation to Costa Rica several years ago for the opportunity to swim with the whales in Drake Bay, but sadly, no whales were in the area during my stay.

I have, however, had the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins, sea turtles, sea lions, rays, black tip reef sharks, and manatees.  Each of those experiences are kind of sacred to me.  All are moments that I will never forget.

While swimming with wild marine life may not be everyone’s cup of tea, if you haven’t been on at least one amazing whale watch, you are missing out.  We are incredibly fortunate to have whales not far off our coast for a good part of the year.  I, all kidding aside, sometimes find myself laying awake at night thinking, “I wonder what the whales are doing right now?” Freak meter rating high, I realize, but true nonetheless.

So, today, knowing that the whales have been plentiful for the past several days, we went for a trip with Cape Ann Whale Watch.  How do I know they’ve been plentiful you may ask?  I follow their blog.

I had the opportunity to speak with both long time owners, Nick Danikas and Jim Douglass, in the parking lot prior to the trip.  Both are great guys who are pretty passionate about offering trips that leave guests with memories to last a lifetime.

Likewise, the crew and the naturalists are phenomenal and beyond highly educated on the matter of whales and sea life indigenous to our waters. Their enthusiasm was contagious.  Even the captain, John Karvelas, was excitedly pointing out bubble clouds as they formed on the surface of the water.  Bubble clouds are a method that whales use to trap krill and sand eels in a tight school so that they can emerge, mouths open, and swallow up a giant meal.

Today’s trip was nothing short of amazing.  To begin, we only had to head 11 miles off the Dog Bar Breakwater, which was a treat in itself.  After a short steam, we were literally surrounded by humpback whales.  I’ve been on many whale watches.  Both on local whale watching boats and on smaller private boats. Today’s trip was one for the record books.

Click Here for more information about Cape Ann Whale Watch

Hear are some of my favorite photos from today’s trip.



  • Outstanding writing, Great Pics. Thanks for reminding me to head out to see the whales!


  • Just awesome.. Whales are just amazing… I love all sea creatures.. so awesome


  • LOVE the whales AND Gloucester. Have made numerous trips from Western New York over the past ten years or so… each time bringing family and friends for the experience. Never have been anything but awestruck by the beauty of it all. My daughter and I were aboard the Cape Ann Whale Watch boat the year the Blue came to visit! My wife and I are bringing a young couple and their infant son with us during the Schooner Fest… a bucket list happening for me! Staying in Rockport and hoping to make the most of our time. A whale watch is at the top of our “to do” list. Joey, I so enjoy reading your daily posts. One thing that would really help us “out of towners” to maximize our visits is detail regarding how best to access the sights and experiences while there, e.g. best vantage point for viewing the Parade of Light, Parade of Sail, fireworks over the harbor, where exactly the Concert on the Boulevard is held, parking, etc. Thank you!!


  • Totally awesome pics and great story! Reminder that I haven’t been in a few years, need to book a Cape Ann Whale Watch trip asap!! Tx!


  • Captures the momment for sure here beautiful on both accounts writing and photo’s…some brave gulls there also…How far out on this adventure did you go? 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


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