Save the Date: Tom Hauck Reading at Toad Hall Bookstore for THE BODY ON THE ROCKS

Save the date for a reading by my husband Tom Hauck of his recently published thriller The Body on the Rocks at Toad Hall Bookstore, Rockport, on Wednesday, July 16th at 7pm.

I hope you can join us!

Body on the Rocks 300dpiExcerpt from The Body on the Rocks

The instant Chris Mark heard the scream he knew something was very wrong. At the edge of a narrow chasm a woman was backing away from something. Her dog strained at its leash. Mark took his hands from his pockets, broke into a run. The woman saw him and pointed. The dog pulled excitedly, trying to get close to whatever was down there. Mark approached the crevice and looked down. On the rocks ten feet below him a man lay on his back. He was clad in jeans and a sweatshirt. While the body was in bad shape – bloated and discolored – the waxy face still had its nose and ears, and the two bluish hands were at the ends of the arms. The limbs and small bits had not yet been devoured by predators. “I’m sorry that I screamed like that,” stuttered the woman. “I just looked down and there he was. What do you suppose happened?” Mark shrugged. “The ocean can take you any which way.” “The Body on the Rocks” presents twelve thrilling stories featuring detective Chris Mark. Set in the rugged port city of Gloucester, Massachusetts, each story offers human drama, passion, intrigue, and a glimpse into the complicated life of an Iraq War vet who only wants to help people solve their toughest problems. This fast-paced collection is perfect for a day at the beach or an evening by the fireplace, and will keep you turning the pages long past your bedtime.


  • Looks to be a very interesting book – where is the picture of cover as it looks familiar? Thanks 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


  • Hi Kim,
    I ordered this book as soon as I saw mention of it from you when it was first available. I loved it! It was such a good, fun read and I hope your husband plans another book featuring Chris Mark’s adventures! I love mysteries and Gloucester, so what could be better?
    Sadly, I live in Virginia and won’t be able to attend this reading, but I would if I could and recommend this to anyone local.
    Thanks for the heads up when this book was first published, otherwise I don’t think I would have known. The GMG blog is a heaven send to those who want to stay in touch with the happenings of your wonderful town.


    • Thank you so much Cheryl for taking the time to write. I’m sending this link along to Tom so he can see. He’ll probably ask you to leave this review on Amazon!

      Thanks for the kind words to GMG also. I’ll make sure Joey sees this too.

      And yes, there are more Chris Mark stories in the works!


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