It’s a Dog’s Life

The funniest part of the Horrible’s Parade the other day, you may ask?   Well, for me, it was watching one of the floats hand out dog treats while parading some furry friends along the route.  That in itself wouldn’t have been funny, but hearing one of the women tell our very own Joey to, “Give the dog treat to his favorite pooch” while getting dangerously close to him with one of her canine friends was priceless.  His grimace could have moved mountains….involuntary or not.  If you’ve been a FOB for anytime….you know that Joey is not necessarily a Fan of Dogs.

I think you’re either a dog person or not…

I am absolutely a dog person…as are my boys.   We have two German Shorthaired Pointers…Moby and Marlin.  Finn, in particular, cannot pass by a dog while walking through downtown Rockport (or anywhere else) without patting it and asking 20 questions about its name, breed, age, hobbies, etc.  So stay clear if you’re walking a dog and in a rush.

Consider this a call to dog lovers to submit your photos of dogs doing funny dog things.


Sitting proud at the helm while watching the Greasy Pole


Keeping Nantucket Safe and Clean

Our very own Marlin hoping to score some dinner from Finn

Our very own Marlin hoping to score some dinner from Finn


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