• You ladies both tagged this one very well! And I love the glosta langauge don’t get to hear it too much here across the big pond, unless I run into a fellow- New Englander or from the cape which I do quite often…Love It Dave:-) & Kim:-)


  • Beautiful work ladies. when the barrels were at Art Haven my 5 year old son always mention how cool they were…then when there were gone he said ” my pretty barrels disappear ”
    Im happy to tell him that they are at Stage Fort Park now 🙂


  • Patti Amaral aka litterlady

    Thank you Donna, that was a lot of fog with the sun wanting to come through, your the best always willing to help get the word out about our city and all the good stuff. Can’t wait for the Mattos video, going to be fantastic.


  • So proud of u Patti. Gloucester n the the entire country is a better world because of u. Thank u 4 all that u do 4 us n our community n or land.


  • Paul Ciaramitaro

    Hi Patti I just wanted to say hello & thank you for all of your devoted work around the City of Gloucester to improve our City.
    Just remembering a long walk & being w/ my brother Jim growing up. His wise words are of something everyone should practice!
    Pass this along but practice what you preach. It’s easy 4 a car to pass u whether u’r driving or walking. It never fails to see someone throw littler w/o knowledge or thinking about it other than freeing themselves from properly taking care of thier own litter. These simple words my brother said were this:
    Dont’t liter, there are so many barrels around town that carrying & disposing it in a barrel isn’t hard to do. If U really think about it, there is a barrel & a recycling bin at everyone’s house that your bound to walk past so throw it away in a barrel”
    Thank you again Jim, your clean city initiative rubbed off on me many years ago. I wish everyone took that walk that day.
    We could pass the message & knowledge on to many others. Only if 1 outta 5 people took Jim’s approach our city would be much cleaner. Let’s make 1 outta every five become 2/5 and trickle down to every person.
    Keep our City clean, safe & enjoyable for everyone!


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