Paul Frontiero III Receives The 2014 Carnegie Hero Award

Paul Frontiero III Receives The 2014 Carnegie Hero Award

paul and Dominican boy

From the Carnegie Hero Fund Website;


PITTSBURGH, PA, July 2, 2014—In its second award announcement of 2014, the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission today named 22 individuals as recipients of the CARNEGIE MEDAL. The medal is given throughout the United States and Canada to those who risk their lives to an extraordinary degree while saving or attempting to save the lives of others. Four of the heroes lost their lives in the performance of their lifesaving acts.

Awardee PAUL F. FRONTIERO III, deceased
Nashua, New Hampshire
Paul F. Frontiero III died rescuing Kathryn A. Libby from assault, Nashua, New Hampshire, October 9, 2011. At night, a man armed with a knife exited an automobile that stopped in front of the house where Libby, 29, and others lived. Libby and others were outside the house when the man confronted them in a menacing fashion, and he stabbed Libby repeatedly when she intervened between him and one of her housemates. Another housemate, Frontiero, 27, emergency medical technician, immediately responded from the house, rushed the assailant, and fought against him, freeing Libby. The assailant stabbed Frontiero repeatedly about the arms and torso before fleeing in the car. Frontiero collapsed to the ground, mortally wounded. Libby required hospital treatment for her wounds, from which she recovered.

Click Below For Cathy and Paul Frontiero’s WCVB Channel Interview with Pam Cross!7V11E



pam cross



  • Incredible….Congrats!


  • I missed Paulie when I went down but the feedback I’m hearing from the piece was that it was very touching.
    Pam Cross setting up to interview Paul and Cathy Frontiero


  • Very touching Paul and Cathy. His last words to you, Cathy, must be such a treasured gift. Thank you for sharing and posting the links.


  • How special that your son receive this honor on such a week end of national pride. Certainly all the GMG FOBs are with you in thought as we read about your truly loving and heroic son ~


  • Your family must be very touched, honored and incredibly proud.


  • That was so beautiful – I missed yesterday so am so grateful to have been able to see the replay. Certainly brought tears to my eyes. Cathy is blessed to have Paul’s last words to her to hold in her heart always.


  • All of the above have said it as so well I agree – thanks for sharing this heart breaking story of character & Courage of those who give so much so that other’s may live. He will always be with you in spirit! Foundation is built from Mom & Dad & family and friends!

    “When you die, you will be spoken of as those in the sky, like the stars. Yurok ” “The soul would have no rainbow if the eye had no tears. – unknown”

    God Bless you and family! Dave:-( & Kim:-(


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