Calling Dr Leif Bakland- Can You Settle Our Debate?

I’m all about rinsing my mouth with Hydrogen peroxide after I floss and brush my teeth.  The taste doesn’t bother me and the results I think leave my teeth whiter and mouth feeling clean and Hydrogen peroxide is like $1.50 for a jug that lasts about a month.

My buddy Alicia has a different approach-


Hi Joey,

Not gonna lie, I’ve been thinking about the whole rinsing with straight up hydrogen peroxide thing. I mean,  can that really be safe?

I have an alternative for you.  The Crest whitening mouth wash works! Gives you that clean mouth feeling and white teeth with out the horrible taste of peroxide!

I also use the Crest Luxe for a toothpaste! My teeth are white as if I spent hundreds on professional whitening!

Can we get a professional opinion on rinsing with straight up peroxide?

Yours truly,

Alicia Cox-DeWolfe

Dr Bakland, can you give us your professional opinion on which is a better approach to whiter teeth and a healthier mouth?

BTW Dr Bakland is the man behind the team at Harbor Cove Dental- The Most Cutting Edge Friendly Dentists In Town!

Harbor Cove Dental

Leif Bakland


The address is, 123 Main St., Gloucester, 2nd floor right over ” Kid’s Unlimited “.  The E-mail address for now, The office phone # is : 978-865-3360

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  • Dear Joey C;

    Why torture yourself with the taste of hydrogen Peroxide for a few seconds when you can spend 3 times the amount of money on a Corporate Giants great tasting product.

    Dr. Walnuts


  • i use coconut oil for brushing & about 3 times a week i mix it w/alil peroxide talk about white chemical free teeth! give it try:)


  • Our favorite dentist..,


  • People seem to be waking up, doing research and demanding a more natural approach to life, and so, so, SO done with chemicals, toxins, carcinogens, causing so much illness and disease. Since the big greedy lie of flouride was exposed….what to say, huh? Enough is enough is enough? How insane is it for people to pay big money to poison themselves? It’s bad enough the crap is in our water! Go Rockport, hope they set a trend! —As far as hydrogen peroxide, food grade, research how it’s actually used as a cancer cure. Changes the tune on products like this drastically. It’s a no brainier choice! Right?


  • i love my mint flavored toxins 🙂


  • The bottom line is keeping your teeth clean will also keep them lighter. Food debris, plaque and tartar build up will all contribute to staining your teeth. The best way to clean your teeth is with the physical brushing and flossing of your teeth, not what product you use. Your gingiva / gums need to be healthy in order to have a strong support system for the teeth, the gums are a living tissue so you have to be careful in what products and concentrations you put in your mouth. For the purpose of this discussion, I would have to go with the commercially available products with low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide of no more than 3%. For more information on hydrogen peroxide and it’s use in toothpaste and mouth rinses, go to the link below.


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