The Difference Between Good Harbor Beach and Hampton Beach

We don’t have whack jobs like White Ninja Guy-

This was taped on Hampton Beach yesterday

Serious question, does this routine have the ladies ready to jump his bones?

I mean the act is so preposterous you almost have to respect it.

Completely redefining the White Ninja game.

Or not really…


  • Wm. Skipper Publicover

    Makebe he should be put on his back like a “Post Turttle ?! ))


  • Looks like great exercise and certainly is entertaining. Why not?


  • Looks like kung fu kata., and he’s certainly looking for an audience. As the saying goes, “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.” Advertising that you practice the martial arts at the beach is never a good idea, and is only in invitation for trouble.


  • Doesn’t Cousin Frank live up there in Salisbury or Hampton? That might be a buddy of his. I think I’ve seen him doing those ninja moves down the dock.


  • I thought that waqs MCElhenny at first


  • NAKED BARBIES AT 2:34. And what is up with the disgusting beach? The dude ends the video pointing at the sand and there are two cigarette butts per square inch.


    • Voted cleanest beach water in North America multiple times. The beach needs to be cleaned nightly due to disrespectful tourists who visit each day and leave this sand like this. Too bad, but most of the tourists are from central Mass….so….


  • I don’t know what is funnier him or the Gaggle of Barbies under the umbrella!


  • for non-beach people, being out in public barefoot in swim trunks has already left them wide open and vulnerable. This is just the next step.


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